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“Starters/Enders” Duology by Lissa Price

For starters, let’s start with Starters:

This Sci-fi sucked me in right from the start. I loved the way that things were described/alluded to throughout to remind the reader of being in a future setting. The suspension of disbelief here was still plausible so everything just clicked.

I loved Starters even though it had small grammatical errors scattered about. I found its “plot twist” at the end predictable and eye-roll worthy. All the other twists along the way, yeah okay I accepted and was surprised by, but without giving any spoilers away this big final one just didn’t seem as plausible.

Overall, the general idea/concept was enough that I felt compelled to seek out the second/conclusion of the series right away.

On to Enders:

I liked the premise and everything, but this book, I felt fell very short. That makes me sad. It had all of the flaws of the first one while losing the “want-to-keep-reading” vibe that Starters at least had going for it.

Moving past the ghastly “twists” (seriously, ugh) the book didn’t end in a romance. For that I am very grateful. Again mindful of spoilers, I will say that the bizarre twist from Starters seemed tame in how it tied together with the very easily predictable “big twist” in Enders.

Highlights: The ending itself felt good while not forced. SPOILER ALERT: Callie found her Dad and that was nice.
Lowlights (not previously mentioned): SPOILER ALERTS: The “twist” with the husband/wife team that nabbed and “tested” on them? That part felt forced and bogus. The villains were not memorable at all.

While Enders did bring closure and again thankfully, didn’t end in romance, it still left a lot to be desired. I felt while reading it my suspension of disbelief ended, which made me say “I don’t buy it!” more than once.

This duo tries WAY TOO HARD to make twists happen when they don’t need to, going for the “shock” that doesn’t really stun so much as make the reader roll their eyes while saying, “Really? Why?”

If you are intrigued by the concept of body/mind control in general, dystopian futures (which seem hot at the moment), or if you like “light Sci-fi” stories you may enjoy this. It was worth reading both novels to get that sense of closure, however, I don’t know that I would say I recommend them. They were interesting reads that made me ponder which is always nice, although I think I like the villains in books I read to have a little more teeth to them. That may have been part of the problem for me with this duology.

Verdict: This duo isn’t for everyone.


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