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“Scrappy Little Nobody” by Anna Kendrick

In waiting to read this, as the wait list at the library was insane, I decided to break down and purchase my own copy.

I figured, I like Anna and found her tweets amusing, so her writing style I thought I would find enjoyable.

I started it and then had to put it down. I was slogging through it and it wasn’t holding my attention. I came back to it and told myself I would not let it be a DNF (Did Not Finish).

Her memoir had some good parts, but overall I was bored reading it, and I thought at first it was for a reason she herself stated: she is too young. I pondered over this. Could that be why after about page 100 I started, egads, skimming?! No. Younger people can do memoirs effectively and be entertaining. I had read many this year even.

What was the reason? I always try to discover what I liked and what I didn’t like when I finish a book because it not only helps those reading the reviews, but it helps me too in selecting and refining my reading.

I realized I had zero clue on this. She had her witty moments…there weren’t grammatical errors all over…it wasn’t unrelatable really…mysterious.

Then this morning it hit me like a ton of falling bricks, I guess I’m just not that into her. I thought I liked her. I thought she was a good actress in what I have seen her in. I thought maybe she was funny and someone I would want to hang with in real life. The chemistry between writer and reader wasn’t there for me. That’s okay. There are plenty of other writers out there I can enjoy spending time with more and I don’t need to feel bad about this. Anna, we are not right for each other and should spend time with other people. It’s not you, it’s me and I hope we can still be friends. You know the type that says that but then never really connect much again.


Oh well.

I have it two stars because I didn’t care for it. I reserve one-star reviews for books I find truly heinous. Kendrick does fine on tweets because they are short. Sustaining an entire novel I think was too much for her. The tone she was probably striving for was sarcastic and witty. It fell very short.

Hopefully the next memoir I come across is more enjoyable company.

As for actually purchasing my own copy? I hope the person that comes across it at the thrift shop I dropped it off at has more luck with it and connects better. Letting go and moving on…

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