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“The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well” by: Meik Wiking

What an informative and quick(!) read!

Learning about another culture is always intriguing to me and I especially enjoyed diving into a culture I knew next to nothing about prior to reading this. If the concept of hygge may be a little too “markety” in terms of “Oh look this is going to be the next in thing” then I think that would be an incorrect takeaway from this work. Hygge has been around for decades and is NOT a “new” concept by any means.

The content was very easy to absorb.

The warmth and general simplicity adherent here came across wonderfully and I did not find this read repetitive. The author himself even acknowledged trying to avoid repetition (fuzzy socks and candles).

I would recommend this read for anyone interested in branching out to new to them concepts and cultures of other countries (Not just Denmark). The facts presented were done in a easy teaching style with illustrations cohesive in color scheme throughout. (The book itself I feel was attempting to be hygge.)

Well done.

It makes me want to make some tea and cuddle up to my hubby! (Which admittedly I want to do all the time).

There were some great quotes featured here and some truisms that carry over universally.

Ah yes, hygge, I didn’t even realize there was a word for this but I am so excited to know about it now.

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