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Minimalism Series Part 2: Books, Books, So Many Books + More

The second step in “tidying” involved sorting through your books one by one. Picking up each individual book and truly asking yourself if it brings you joy. I, as most of you know, am a HUGE book worm and LOVE books. I have one big bookcase and two smaller ones…but now they feature books along with other things too. One is in my closet for random things and one is in my hubbys closet area for the same purpose. 

Our main bookcase is like a focal point of our room and it is well organized and arranged and I am happy to say it is very relaxing to look upon.

Now I used to have books scattered throughout the house (“all the crannies and all the nooks” style), so it took awhile for my first big purge to corral them into one spot. It also took awhile to take them all off of the shelves! I sorted them on a small space in the living room at the time because even though in the KonMarie book it was recommended to sort them all on the floor, I think that is disrespectful to the books. I liked the idea of picking up each one, off and away from the bookcase, because they do indeed get “re-sparked” after having been stuck in there for so long. 

In reading the KonMarie book, there was a whole section on getting rid of books you haven’t yet read that was an eye-opener. I realized I had books from over 10 years ago(!) that I still had never once opened. (Mostly Buffy, Angel, Charmed, and Alias paperbacks that I more collected for the sake of collecting than actually the reading element. Don’t get me wrong, I read quite a bit of Buffy in my day, but not all…)

I am always getting books from the library and that is even more true now. I have a kindle and download books to read to review for my blog. I still do find that I “stalk” my books and tell them I will read them someday but I know now that I am much closer to that far-off day now in that the books I kept are the ones I want and the ones not read yet will get to very soon.

I realized, in all honesty with myself, that for some of those books I really was just “hoarding” them. Keeping them for the sake of keeping them. For the sake of collecting them. Some of the books were yellowing with age already! The books not yet read were probably the hardest but the truest to myself books I let go of. Seriously, if I had really wanted to read them, I would have. If I decided later on I wanted to, I could always get them from the library or on my kindle anyway….but I never have. Not with even one title.

I thanked the books for helping me out during a time I needed them. For fulfilling whatever role it was they needed to play at the time of purchase and through various moves since then. I liked how “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” further inspired me to think about the life I want and what brings joy into it.

The inspiration I think really gave me a bigger push to think about *why* I was keeping the ones I was keeping. 

It was recommended to purge out duplicates and I narrowed down to one copy of Alice in Wonderland (I had a collection of them).

After the initial book case(s) clean-out, I realized I had a trunk full of books too and kept only two out of the whole thing. I totally emptied out all of those books and now use that trunk for extra camping stuff.

Since decluttering the books, I actually reignited my passion for reading!

I’ve also been super active on good reads, started this books blog, and started a Netgalley account which allowed me to come across books I may have otherwise not known of. No more feeling guilty for looking at books I haven’t read yet; I will get to those chosen ones soon enough…and much less physical space being taken up with a TBR pile.

The paper category I didn’t think I would have too much of, but in gathering all papers and notebooks and magazine articles I was keeping, I realized I had a lot more than I had thought. Including tax information and important documents (like passport and vehicle titles etc) I ended up keeping probably about 5% of what I had started with.

Side note: I also donated all of my cds and my small cd player. Anytime I wanna listen to music I always do so with either you-tube or pandora, and sometimes I even listen to the songs I already owned on cd, so why was I keeping them? That was an easy section to go through cause I didn’t keep any of them and am just fine with that.

So really I sorted out books, papers, and cds all about the same time…and it feels awesome! I have no regrets and haven’t really missed anything.


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