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“Breakwater” by: Catherine Jones Payne

Right away, you notice that stunning cover. It is gorgeous and on par with the cover for the book Roar by Cora Carmack (review will be posted on May 14th). Exquisite!

 This one had a LOT of tag possibilities as it spans some genres and had a lot of different themes. I was stoked to see a mermaid story up for grabs that had some intrigue and depth (pun-alert!) to it.This is quite the series debut.

Ms. Jones is a Goodreads author and her profile pic features her rocking a short pixie esque cut of blue tinted hair. I was excited to dive right in. (Pardon the puns, I simply can’t resist!)

I was pulled in with this one right from the start. Everything is happening in medias res and it felt much more realistic this way.

 The characterization all the way through is on point.

 We start off with Jade, a seventeen-year-old mermaid daughter of one of the king’s most trusted advisors daughter of one of the king’s most trusted advisors, in the underwater city of Thessalonike. Jade is preparing to go to a party hosted by her soon to be in-laws. She thought she would just have to suffer through boredom but instead finds her fiancé holding the murdered body of a naiad. He tells her it was an accident that he was trying to only threaten her because she was blackmailing his father.

 After Jade turns him in, secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves as (barely masked racial) tensions rise between the mermaids and the naiads.

 Jade befriends the sister of the slain naiad and prepares for trial. Lies and betrayal follow. This city tends to love scandals and Jade finds herself amidst an uprising toward the king…and this is just the first half!

 I breezed easily through this clicking page after page as the story unfolded more…and it was worth it.

 The second half as far as the relationship established felt a bit hurried/rushed to me and seemed to kind of come out of nowhere…so I wasn’t really devastated considering the last chapter…

 As far as that twist ending? It sets up for the sequel very well while still leaving other questions open. A stunning debut from a talented author. I can’t wait to read what she dreams up next for Jade!

This is probably one of, it not *the*, best mermaid story I have read as an adult. From the world-building to the dialogue everything is “fresh” in this saltwater tale!


 Book Notes:

 6.0%   “A merdar! The game is a-fin! No, all seriousness though, this is interesting. Jades fiance just murdered a Niad which in this world seem to be looked down on and segregated as being second class citizens…political intrigue indeed!”

17.0% “Hubby & I were *just* having this same conversation the other day: how people while being well-meaning do NOT know exactly what you are going through. They may have had *similar* experiences but they are not you with all of your previous experiences, thoughts/feelings, pain levels, etc. I am so glad that in a book, this got brought attention to/called out because yeah, it is VERY insensitive (and almost dismissive). “

21.0% “I love the lingo dialogue words added in here. This features very creative world-building. You can pick up the context of what is being used in place of a cuss word, or a nickname, and what-have-you. I love books that do this!”

44.0% “I knew Rhea was going to do something shady just based on her reactions as soon as she found out that Jade had turned in Sir Manipulative (my nickname for him) but seriously? To lie in court when it was so easy to prove her testimony false? What a piece of trash she is. I was mad on Jades behalf and it’s fiction for crying out loud! (The characterization here is very realistic!)”

48.0% “That’s not fair.”
“That doesn’t make it untrue.”
-The dialogue between Jade and her Mother.”

 50.0% “Glad about the relationships established….sad all this tension between the two species.”

85.0% “Glad about the relationships established….sad all this tension between the two species.”

88.0% “I kinda adore how Jade is as a character. She gets betrayed and Alexander, trying to be helpful, suggests she at least says goodbye to the betrayer. (Rhea) Jade without missing a beat says she won’t do it. I wouldn’t either in her, ah, fins. Why should she?”

96.0% “And she goes to see Rhea anyway…well then….hmph.”

Quick Facts:

Format: Ebook

PRICE: $3.99 (USD)

Publisher: Fathom Ink Press

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teens & YA

Expected Publication Date: May 30, 2017

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