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Weekend Update: Thrift Finds!

I made a very impromptu You-tube bonus video all about my weekend happenings, but just in case ya missed it…

On Saturday night hubby and I attended the 7th annual Prom Throwback party that our friends put on every year (2013 was apparently skipped , so technically speaking it was really the 6th annual one.)

The theme this year was “Promhibition” (1920s themed).

We went out thrifting to find our attire and I also found a necklace to boot! Of course no thrifting excursion would be complete without me checking out the books and I found some incredible deals.

“Dad is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan, “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler and “Girls Get Curves” by Danica McKellar ($1.50 each for the first two and $0.75 for the last one. In hardcover even.)

I guess I found all books by famous people. I didn’t realize that until the time of writing, but Danica was in the show “The Wonder Years” and Jim and Amy are of course comedians.

I had heard of the work by Jim Gaffigan and I am interested to see if I like his writing. I haven’t added it to my bookshelf because I will (probably) pass it along when I finish it. (TBR just keeps growing!!!)

“Yes Please” I read last year and I loved it so much that when I spotted this copy, I knew I needed to purchase it to add to my official collection. (This is rare for me.)

This book by Danica I am stoked for because I loved “Kiss My Math” and “Math Doesn’t Suck”.  I worked through them a few years back. When I spotted this one, I knew I wanted to grab it to get my Math on. (I will probably pass this one along when I am done with it too. Not sure yet.) I also know that she has another book out there (“Hot X”) and if I stumble across it at some point, I may check it out.)

The 1920s party was a blast and then Sunday I spent reading the last of “Quackery” by Lydia Kang. October 17th is when that one releases. I wrote my blog post for it and scheduled that review for September 17th so check back for that if you are interested.

I am now looking forward to midnight tonight because that is when “A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J Maas will hit my kindle and I am planning to stay up the entire night into morning reading it. I know I live dangerously.

That is all from me for now, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and I will review my finds once I get around to reading them.

Take care and have a great week!


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