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“A Shadow Bright and Burning” (Kingdom on Fire, #1) by: Jessica Cluess

Stunning cover aside, which the meaning of gets further explained toward the end, Cluess begins her tale in medias res. While it always takes a little bit to get ones bearings, this style is always a welcome one for me.

I LOVED that she took the trope of Chosen One and spun it on its head.

My favorite characters were probably not what many had as favs, Rook probably being a more popular choice, but I really liked Fenswick, the hobgoblin, along with Magnus.

Magnus, even though there was that one scene was a stand out character and I don’t care what anyone says, he’s awesome.

The story crafted its own history and schism between Sorcerer’s and Magicians and I thought that was a nice change up from what I usually read. I like when I come across stories that don’t feel like they are recycling the same old plot and characters.

The way this ended set up very well for its sequel, A Poison Dark and Drowning, which releases  September 19, 2017. I know I am highly anticipating the next installment.

This one took me a bit longer to finish because I was also toggling two other reads at the same time. (What else is new right?!) When I did make that final push to finish it (and stayed up until it was completed) I knew that it was worthwhile.

The powers are not explained in a lot of detail, an oversight that may be expounded more in the next book, but the elemental control scenes were interesting.

I feel like the next one will go into more detail with the history and backstory of our protagonist, Henrietta, and I am excited to see what is next for our heroes!


Book Notes:

 51.44% “I know what it is to love someone so much that you would move the world only to see them smile.” -Blackwood

63.7% “Fenswick, the hobgoblin, along with Magnus are my favorite characters. Such a sweet scene of Henrietta handing Fenswick an onion to welcome him. Awe. Kindness is a beautiful quality.”

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