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“The Graveyard Book” by: Neil Gaiman

I had heard mixed things about Gaiman’s work, so I was a little hesitant to jump in to see what I thought. It seemed that either people loved his writing or hated it and there wasn’t much in the middle.

I am glad that I decided to pick this up from my local library, because it blew my expectations right out of the water!

I LOVED the premise and even though not everything got super explained, that is life. Not everything needs to make sense.

I smiled when I saw that Bod was named Nobody as anyone familiar with reading the Odessey will recall that certain bit of humor. I also liked the wordplays on the “Jacks” of all trades.

The storytelling element was so very strong here that it actually made me think about other fictional books I have read so far this year and retroactively compare them and not many come close.

The world-building didn’t have to be deep and the words I felt read like prose. Gaiman is like a modern day classic writer. I have myself a new favorite author to gush over.

Last year Patrick Ness was my new fav. author and then I was not a fan of one of his works. Hopefully that is not the case with Gaiman. You don’t need to love everything about an authors works, or their entire collection to enjoy a few pieces here and there. Next I would like to check out some of his more adult themed books. (American Gods perhaps)

My TBR for the rest of the year is massive though, so I don’t know if I will have the pleasure of really diving into another of his works until 2018.

I would recommend this work if you want a story with an eclectic mix of the spooky and the supernatural with a lot of heart to it. Bod was a character I rooted for and really enjoyed.

I can say, at least from this book, that I am a fan of Gaiman’s work.

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