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Celebration & The Dreaded DNF

Check out the visual representation of the 100 books I have read so far for 2017!

6 of theses were DNF (Did Not Finish), so technically I am at 94, but Goodreads makes it so you have to either select those books as read or to read in order to keep your review up. (If you take the book totally off then your review disappears too…flaw in the system.)

By the end of next week or so though I will truly be at 100 so either way, super exciting!

Part of me wanted to record a DNF video for my you-tube channel, but then I think of the quote: “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate”. I am still debating if I should make a video because of this. I don’t know yet. *shrug*

If you want to see what books I did DNF this year, then you can check out my goodreads bookshelf of them here.

I always try to stay constructive, but sometimes the book just is not for me for whatever reason.

Life is too short to read bad books.

Besides, I did the math:

I am 30 years old. If I live to be 101 years old and let’s say that I read 100 books per year instead of 200 because I read less when I get older, my vision/hearing goes (read/audiobooks) and I am unable to enjoy books, etc….so that means that I have 70 years of my reading career left. That means I only have time for 7,000 books yet.

ONLY 7,000!

Think about how many new books come out a year and now think about all the books already published. There is absolutely no way possible that I would like every single book I come across.

I used to feel extremely guilty for DNF-ing a book.

No more.

Books are for entertainment and for education on topics I am interested in reading about.

I no longer feel bad for DNF-ing since realizing I only have so many books I could read….and that is if I actually DO LIVE TO BE 101!!!

No one knows how long they actually have, getting hit by a bus is always the cliche possibility, but seriously would you really want the last book you read to have been one that you didn’t enjoy and had to slog through? No? Exactly.

So, my friends, that is why I do not feel bad about marking a book DNF and saying why I felt that way.

Regardless, 94 books read all the way through is amazing and I think I shall celebrate by diving into another good read….because after all, if you like me are a member of Goodreads, “Good” books should be the only ones we as readers spend our time on.

Remember, reading can brighten up any day!

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