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A Recipe & A Simile

  • The morning sun tastes like: Honey mingled into your morning tea.
  • Her voice smelled like: Chocolate. Dark, seductive, and smooth.
  • The music sounded heavy as: A cat seated firmly upon your chest.
  • The color green feels like: The ridges of a crispy potato chip fresh from the oven.
  • The color red tastes like: Victory.
  • Midnight rain is bitter as: Tea that has steeped far too long.
  • The wind looks as ___________ as: wild as a drunkard on Christmas morning.
  • Seeing him walk was like hearing: a sporadic chipmunk. All light-footed and quick.
  • Tasting the night’s dinner was like watching: a RomCom movie you never wanted to see and got dragged along to. I couldn’t wait for it to be over, I felt it was overpriced for what it was, and my only tears were internal.
  • Hearing her cry was like tasting: the sweetest, juiciest peach you could ever sink your teeth into. Victorious, ruthless, and worth every single moment.
  • Smelling the gasoline was like touching: Your hand to the stove burner. You knew it was wrong. Surprising. You quickly recognized a problem and that something was out of place here.
  • Touching her dying father’s hand was like seeing: into our future. His illness was genetic and there was no cure.

Personal Notes:


Page 64 & 195 Inspiration.

A daily writing habit establishment inspiration and a  fill in the blank style set of similes.

The Writing Exercise: A Recipe & Like Water For Words: A Simile Exercise

Increase the amount of time spent with your dominatrix. Obey her. Pain, delusions of grandeur and self-doubt are typical symptoms. Continue. The virus is beginning to take hold

You are now satisfactorily infected. Write! Do this for the rest of your life.

Exercise went well. I woke up at 7am (it is Saturday after all) and spent a bit of time working through the simile exercise. Page 64 was more of an inspiration page to make daily writing a habit and routine.

I felt like I got more creative as I got further down the prompts. I was able to make different “scenes” in my head off of them and had different character voices speaking to me. Some I quickly pictured in relationships, some not. Some normal people, some villains. It was fun and definitely made me think a bit more about how I could incorporate more similes into my own writing because they are fun additions and make you visualize the “scenes” much better!

Hello September! I am doing my own self-imposed writing challenge this month using the Now Write book series to do so. I will NOT be posting every single day.  Maybe just a few here or there that I especially like for whatever reason. Enjoy!

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