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StitchFix Service Review

I decided to try out a little something new and looked into StitchFix. I as a minimalist wanted to get a few more pieces of high quality, durable, pretty/flattering warm clothes into my wardrobe and thought this might help out. Boy was I wrong on all of those accounts!

StitchFix is a subscription box service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and accessories (available for both men and women) and you can choose what you want to keep and send the rest back. You don’t get charged for the clothes except for the ones you decide to keep and you don’t have to pay to ship anything back.

The kicker is that there is a “non-refundable” styling fee. Which, from all I have read and looked into, is simply not true. I have heard other bloggers get their fees waved/refunded/etc. but for whatever reason I guess I didn’t complain enough about it to warrant a refund. I see. So, I am nice and don’t want to hurt people by being outright rude, so you keep my money? Gotcha.

Well, they sent me my “first fix” supposedly based on my Pinterest board (which clearly my “Stylist” “Julie” didn’t bother to look at) and on a personalized “Style profile” they had me fill out upon signing up which very clearly asked for all of my sizes.

What they sent me:

  1. A garish old lady sweater black dress with bell sleeves(?!) that was boxy, heavy, and hideous. It was single-handedly the ugliest single piece of clothing I have ever laid eyes on. Kensie brand. They wanted $60 if I had kept that. I didn’t keep ANYTHING.
  2. A pair of “Elizabeth” pants that fit more like jeggings, had weird material bunching at the knees, and was an oddly scratchy material. The length at least was correct and it fit my butt well, but that knee thing? Plus a $80 price tag? Hell, I could go to Target and get better quality ones for half that price if not lower!
  3.  A gold plated necklace that was super long with micro beads on it that culminated in a huge tacky “feather” design pendant that my husband cringed at before I even opened my mouth to say anything. Price? $28. Are you fricken’ serious?
  4. This hot pink sweater with cotton material, mid-sleeve, but then at the back had this silky material that seemed a bizarre choice along with a very low quality tie at the neck that served no functional purpose whatsoever and would probably fray/be ruined after a wash.
  5.  The one thing out of this entire disaster that at least was just okay-a faux leather jacket that at least fit well everywhere; BUT the pockets were fake (I can’t stand fake pockets), the material felt strange, and they wanted $78 for it. (Again I could get something like this ANYWHERE locally for a fraction of that cost.)

I had wanted to try this out with the idea of maybe adding some nice new pieces to my wardrobe without actually going out to shop as I loathe clothes shopping. If this is the alternative? Hell, I could go shop in person and be less stressed out by the entire experience than how I felt about this experience!

Their “grand total” was $330 for all of that crap. Seriously?

They give a “special discount” if you buy the entire box. Something like 20-25%.

They “throw in” that $20 styling fee if you want to apply it toward any of your purchases (how generous of them) but they refused to refund me mine after I wrote to the company about how entirely off the mark they were on everything in this box for me. The sizes, the fit, the material, the quality, the prices, the “style”…none of this felt like they even paid any attention to what I had said I was looking for. Not at all.

I debated writing about my bad experience since I am usually super nice and don’t like to promote things I hate. (I went through their checkout process for each piece, very specifically stating what I hated about each piece, with Person One for the company responding back with basically “Cool, thanks for the feedback.”)

All and all I had three different people that work for the company responding to my messages. Like they were just passing around my lack of customer satisfaction. Thanks guys, thanks a bunch! *eyeroll*

Person Two offered to “get me a different stylist” if I “wanted to give them another chance”.

After researching them even more, and seeing the overall lack of quality goods and lack of commitment they have to their customers’ tastes, that was a hard pass from me. When I responded back to Person Two saying absolutely not, here was StitchFix’s very final “brush you off” response from Person Three:

I feel like after writing to them and getting such a lack of a caring response? Other people should know what a waste of time and money this is. I feel like by sharing my experience, if I can prevent just one “curious to try it” person out there (male or female) from trying this and saving their $20, than it will have been worth it for me.

If I had to lose $20 to discover that this company is crap, to try on huge, unflattering, and bad quality overpriced clothes, and to realize that StitchFix is essentially a scam, then so be it. What is done is done and apparently being nice yet very specific about hating everything to them after-the-fact didn’t help.

My message to you my dear readers is this (choose your own Sunshine version here, it’s fun!):

Bitch Takeaway:  You bitch loud and long enough in this world and apparently you get your way. Being nice just doesn’t cut it. Okay, fine, StitchFUCKS lesson learned. I’m still Sunshine regardless, so you can stick it where the Sun don’t shine!

Nice Takeaway: Please my dear readers, learn from my mistakes, steer clear of this appalling company, take your $20 and go spend it on something that actually does look good on you! Something that is great quality, is worth that money, and makes you feel like the amazing human you are! <3

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