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DC Comics x Romance Book Proposal Sample Scenes w/Intro

This was inspired by a dream I had the night of June 16th, 2017.

I have some extremely wild and vivid dreams. I don’t usually write them into stories though instead I simply tell them to my husband and he is always amused by how insane my dreams are since he rarely remembers his.

I couldn’t get these images I could not get out of my head and they begged me to create a story with them. I typed out as I was inspired, so no I didn’t dream it exactly like this or anything. I fleshed out a lot and added in a lot of detail off of the main happenings.

This could be turned into a novel if there was enough interest.

Enough background and introducing. I hope you enjoy this sample:


Come Out And Play (Working Title)

I was surrounded by cameras.

The man playing the Joker was across from me. He was killing it. He was a much more experienced actor than I was. More nuanced. I felt like I had to up my game to be in the same scenes as him. This was our first scene together since I was cast. Since the chemistry test. The casting director had said that our chemistry was palpable.
Sugar water by Cabbo Matto started playing and I knew that was my que to start the dance. I wasn’t sure if they would actually use the song they had playing or edit it out and use a different one in post production. It didn’t matter. It was a mood setter and enhancer. They had asked me if I wanted a specific song for this scene to get into character and dance to. That was my pick.

I reached up to grab the clip from my hair as I did my best to look seductive. I was playing it a little timid. My hair released from the clip and cascaded down my back. I tilted my head a bit to the left and felt a smile cross my lips.

He was supposed to stay seated across the room from me as I did my dance. I felt nervous about doing this in front of so many people. I let myself close them all out. I focused on him. He was all I could see. I started to roll my shoulders slowly as I kept my eyes locked on his. I saw his lips part. I swallowed and felt my own lips mirror his.

I started to move my hips from side to side. I reached my arms out to him and rolled my wrists out. An invitation. His eyebrows lifted and he shifted in his seat. Then his eyes undressed me as he took me in. A brilliant seductive tactic and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t getting into this now.

I brought my hands back to caress my own body sliding from my breasts down my sides and outer thighs, stopping at my knees as I parted them and moved downward toward the floor.

I closed my knees back together and ever so slowly stuck my butt out as I turned toward him to give him a view of my curves. I put my left knee down and started my floor work. I felt like I was the sole focus of his attention because I was. No one else existed in that moment but the two of us.

I crawled a bit toward him. I was a tigress. I was a panther. I was a fucking goddess.

I stopped short of his feet and rolled my entire body back. My head rolled as my hands rested on his knees. He audibly sighed. I made my way to standing moving my hands to the arms of his chair for balance as I leaned in toward him giving him a view of everything that was his and his alone.

I was his for the taking. He just needed to take it. Claim what was his.

He growled. Legit growled. I paused. Hot damn. I have never once made a man growl before. Was he improvising or was I really turning him on? I shook the thought from my mind to finish the scene.

I smiled at him and turned away to prowl away from him back toward where I had started this scene. Giving him a full view of my assets. I hit my mark and lifted my arms up above my head. I crossed at the wrists.

Visions of being tied up and handcuffed rushed into my mind. I let my hands and arms drop down to caress my own hair moving them inward at the neck area to now drop down slowly from the middle of my breasts, to my stomach, to my outer thighs. I looked over my shoulder to see his reaction to this.

He looked very uncomfortable in that chair. I believed with every fiber of my being that he wanted to ravage me right now. Either he was that amazing at his craft or this really was having the desired effect. Desired? Did I desire him or was I so lost in the character that I couldn’t tell the difference?

Was I losing myself in my character?  If so, that was a good thing right?

I moved in time to the music and felt I was getting more into it now as Thug One made his way into the scene. For an instant I resented his entrance. I kept slowly swaying side to side. The Joker kept his eyes on me as Thug One said his lines. The music got a little softer.

“Boss? Sorry to interrupt, but we have a situation.”

“Can’t it wait? I’m busy.” Joker put his hand up to his mouth and his fingers danced over his lips.

“It’s the Batman.” Thug One delivered this line with the perfect hint of urgency and trepidation.

Joker instantly tore his eyes from me and I felt the loss.

The music softly cut out in the background.

I knew this was my exit que because after the close up on my hurt expression, I was no longer in the scene.

They finished out the dialogue and I stood still just where I was so no movement or shadows would interrupt them.

I heard the director say “And cut!”

Noise started picking up all around me.

Soon I was surrounded by people. The team. Our team.

I was being congratulated on a job well done and being told that my performance was incredible.

For our first scene together, they couldn’t believe the magnetism, and that I was a natural with him. Him. The actor playing the Joker. Bradley Wyman. I didn’t see which direction he had been snatched away in.

I looked around me, but I didn’t see him at all.

My next scene of the day wasn’t until three. It was ten in the morning now. I would need to go over my lines for it. I didn’t think there were many of them. It would mostly be physical movements and expressions. I was so distracted and in the head space of what we just shot, I needed to refocus on what was next. That scene called for me and another actress, Abby, not Harley and the Joker.

The director couldn’t get over how they were able to get what they needed on the very first take of this scene. I started to walk toward my trailer. I overheard the assistant of the director say “That’s a good omen” as I passed by.

I paused briefly at craft services and picked up a cucumber sandwich. I plopped it into my mouth and moved to grab a water.

“It’s nice to see an actress eat, even if it is just cucumber.”

I turned toward the voice. His voice.

I swallowed.

“Here, allow me.” He grabbed the water I had been about to grab and handed it to me. “Wouldn’t want that beautiful body to get parched.”

I blinked at him.

The actress I would have my next scene with, Abby, came up behind him. She must have overheard because she said “He’s method.”

I must have looked as confused as I felt because she responded, “He stays in character between scenes.”

“Of course.” I nodded at her as she grabbed a water for herself and turned to walk off. I looked up into his eyes. I gave him a small smile.

She called over her shoulder, “See you at three!”

I broke eye contact with him and replied to her, “Sure! See you then!”

He moved his hand and brushed it against my shoulder flicking something regaining my full attention.

I swear my heart skipped a beat.

“Mosquito.” He stated by way of answer. “Wouldn’t want to get bitten now, would you?”

All of the air left the room at that moment.

He smiled at me knowingly and the spell was broken by someone calling for him to start the next scene. He looked to who had spoken, nodded his acknowledgement, and turned his attention back to me. He reached out, grabbed my hand and kissed it, parting with “Until we meet again.”

I stared after him as he walked away.

I released a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. (My own joke to include this here!!!)


The afternoon crept up on me quicker than I thought it would have.

I had my lines ready. I didn’t speak a lot in this scene and I wanted to get down the feel of it more than anything else.

My wardrobe change inhibited my movement a bit. It was an outdoor scene and supposed to be taking place in the fall. It was the dead of summer. I had to wear a wool coat and I felt like I was going to wilt in my own puddle of sweat accumulation.

I made my way to where the scene was set up. The set designers did an amazing job of making this look like we were outdoors. At dusk.

My red flower was pinned to my coat. This flower played a big role in this scene. There were duplicates on standby in case we needed to shoot this multiple times.

Less cameras were set up in this space, so I already knew chances were high we would have several takes.

The makeup artist was doing some touch-ups on Abby the woman I had my scene with. She was playing the first Gotham citizen that Harley toyed with. The scenes were all shot out of order so even though this was our first scene shot together, we supposedly had already established that we knew each other.

The scene was to be taking place outside of Gotham city.

We took our places and got the signals to begin.

Abby was seated on a park bench waiting for her ride who was late.

I, Harley, was to walk by her and start a conversation.

I sauntered toward her. “I guess it’s true what they say…”

Abby shifted in her seat. A fearful expression crossing her features as she recognized me.

“You can take the girl out of Gotham, but you can’t take Gotham out of the girl.”

“What are you doing here?” She asked, eyes shifting around her.

“Oh just picking up a little something for the boss.” I smiled as I made my way over to her. I plopped down on the bench. She stood up in response and backed away a little.

She licked her lips nervously, “I don’t see anything.” She gestured toward my empty hands.

“Don’t cha?” I asked putting an accent spin into my voice. I showed my teeth in what I hoped came across as a demented smile. “Look a little closer.” I leaned forward and fumbled with the flower for a second.

I heard the director yell “Cut!”

Abby and I looked at each other and smiled. We tried to stay still as the camera people got ready for the spraying part of the scene now. They signaled us when they were ready and we shot a few takes of me squeezing the flower causing red food colored water to shoot out of it. The effect made Abby look like she got squirted with blood, but it was supposed to be acidic.

I had been told that the effects people would make it look like tendrils of smoke were coming off of where it contacted her coat.

I went through two flowers to get the spritz part how they wanted it, which meant Abby went through two coats.

We moved onto the next part.

Abby screamed and ran her hands over the “acid”. She fell to the ground writhing. She was good.

“I was just dying to test it out before bringing it to my Puddin’. Ya get it? Dying? On account of it is acid with red dye mixed in? That was my little addition. You think he will get the joke?” I made a pondering expression. “Come to think of it, he might get upset that he didn’t come up with it.”

Abby started to moan in what really did sound like pain.

I leaned in to her and delivered the last line of the scene with the perfect amount of off handedness and irony. “It should be okay since I guess it wasn’t as funny as I thought. Afterall, I don’t see you laughing.”

Our scene ended. Abby told me “Good work.” She made her way to her own trailer.

I headed to mine too since this was my last scene of the day.

I showered and got into some comfortable clothes and headed out to watch as the next scene was being set up.

This one would be between Batman and Joker.

“Miss me?” I knew his voice. I turned and saw him still in his makeup with a different costume on. A bright purple suit with small green embroidered “hahaha”s written all over it.

“How could I not, Puddin’?'” I tossed back at him.

“Ya know, Miss Price, I do love our talks.” He cocked his head to the side.

“Me too.” I looked at him suspiciously.

He smiled. “It doesn’t just have to be talks.” He straightened his posture. The movement was so quick that had I not been watching I would have surely missed it. “I would be honored if you would come out to dinner with me.” His voice sounded different. I imagined he was breaking character to ask me this.

“When?” Shocked I could do nothing but blink at him.

“Tonight?” He inhaled in and waited for my reply.

“It would be my pleasure.” I smiled.

He exhaled. His voice took on the intonation I was used to hearing from him, “Oh I’m not sure the pleasure part will occur until after at least the third date.”

My eyes widened.

“I’m not that kind of man.” He teased. His voice changed back again to what I assumed was his normal non-Joker voice as he said “Calvarti’s at seven?”

“Sounds tasty.” I purred.

The smile that washed over his face could not be described as anything less than devilish.
“I think it will be an adventure getting to know you better.” He paused. “May I have your number?”

I nodded.

He took out his cell. I reached toward it and prompted “May I?”

“Oh be my guest.” He handed me his phone.

I saw that the background image he had was of what I assumed to be his pet dog. I smiled as I entered in my own number and sent out a text to myself. “There, now I’ll have your number too.”

He nodded approvingly. “Clever woman.” I handed his phone back to him. He clutched it to his chest and took on his Joker voice once more, “I would expect nothing less from the spectacular Harley Quinn! I must bid you farewell for now my little minx as I have a certain Bat to deal with.”

He reached out for my hand again. I let him kiss it once more. “A lady could get used to this.”

He looked shy for a moment and then smirked, “Until tonight my lady.”

I exhaled again. This man was taking my breath away. I put my fingers to my lips. I could only imagine what kissing him would be like. If all went well, maybe I would get the chance to find out.

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