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Travel Part 1: Getting out of Illinois & Exploring Colorado.

When hubby and I left our Illinois life in late October of 2019, we had a sort of plan laid out that we wanted to stick with.

We wanted to go West.

We prepared a loose idea of where we wanted to go and for how long in a spreadsheet.

We set out in our car packing literally every single thing we owned save for a painting and a few small things that our parents kindly said they would hold onto for us. For the most part though? What we had with was what we had and that was it. No storage locker anywhere. No other house. Just our car and all that it would hold.

Check out my YouTube video for our trial run day of packing our car here.

We wanted to drive through a few states, stay overnight in a couple, but ultimately our first stop for a longer stay was to be Colorado.

Being able to get to experience a little bit of a “winter” was all that we wanted. Jake really wanted to see mountains in person. I really wanted to still get to have a tiny bit of snow but then be able to say bye to it for the rest of the season. Dexter wanted fresh sniffs as per usual.

We wound up staying at an extended stay hotel for a bit.

Since we were moving all of our stuff in and out of stops along the way, the small break of staying in Colorado a few weeks was nice.

We had several places we wanted to check out and did: Cheyenne National Park, Garden of the Gods, Bear Creek, Pikes Peak, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, and a tea luncheon at Glen Eyrie Castle.

Once we explored a bit, we were ready to move onto the next longer stop in our travels of Arizona.

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