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Travel Part 5: Back to Arizona

When we stayed in Arizona before it was close to Phoenix and at an extended stay hotel.

This time it was in Quartzsite and in our RV. We like it a lot better this time around.

Check out my YouTube travel channel video of us driving back to Arizona here.

Now the funny thing is that it rained for about a week for us and we were like “Really?!” It has since decided not to be rainy like that for us.

We had been planning to fly in to Seattle to meet up with some friends and stay at an Airbnb and go into Canada as well. That wasn’t meant to happen considering the current situation in the world right now. After many stress-filled days we were able to cancel our trip and get refunds for all except for our flight, but I digress.

It is starting to get a lot warmer overall.

Thankfully we had a chance to explore a little before the rain and the pandemic happened. We also are thankful that the area we chose to stay at for now is slowly clearing out as people tend to leave after the big rock show event here. That is a big thing here that we only had just missed. I was happy about that for several reasons!

The area we are currently staying will clear out even more in the coming months as people go back to their summer homes. We had a lot of snow birds around us. Hopefully everything will be okay again by July which is when we had originally planned to make our way back to Illinois to visit with friends and family.

Life happens when you are busy making plans though, so we will have to see how everything turns out with the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe my friends! <3

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