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Travel Part Seven: We Snowbirds Snowbird Again

Fall came and went and with it so did we!

Traveling from Illinois to California this time, we didn’t rush yet we made excellent time to get here.

We debated originally going to stay in Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, or Arizona again, but ultimately decided on So-Cal.

We kept an eye on the Covid numbers and made sure to travel safe and smart.

We made a few overnight stops along the way and stayed at a gorgeous RV park in Albuquerque that featured a mini retro RV area set up outside.

We also stopped along the way at The Petrified National Forrest which was our absolute favorite location we have been so far!

Before arriving at our RV park destination, we wound up going through the Imperial Sand Dunes and it felt like we were on a different planet.

Once we got to So-Cal, we stayed at an Rv park in town before ultimately settling into a little hidden gem area up in the mountains. We plan on staying in this area for ah-while now, but hey ya never really know with us, right?! Wanderlust happens.

All seriousness though, we are enjoying that this area isn’t flooded with people and we can spend our time catching up on household projects and tasks along with working, studying, and relaxing.

Speaking of studying, I am now finally finished with my Associates Degree! The last class I needed was offered as an online class this year finally and I am so happy to finally have that lingering unfinished task off my mental plate!

Next year I plan to really focus on learning the programming language Python (self study) and am actually going to make an effort to cut back on my reading and reading goals to do that.

This year I started my bookstagram and have been having a lot of fun connecting with my fellow bookworms and bookdragons!

Dexter has been spending a lot of time relaxing.

While we have been going out for a lot of hikes in the area.

We have been discussing what countries we want to travel to once Covid is in the past, but until then we will be enjoying a slower pace, hiking the gorgeous mountains and trails, and taking time to appreciate the stunning sunrises and sunsets here.

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