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My Minimal Jewelry Collection: Four Years Later!

Click HERE to see my post from nearly 4 years ago if you would like to see the pieces I used to own versus the ones I currently own.

Wow can you believe I first posted about my minimal jewelry collection nearly four years ago? Time flew! Most of my jewelry pieces are still gifts given to me by my friends and family. Let’s see as my tastes have evolved and my needs have changed, what pieces do I still own? What ones have come into my life now? What’s up?!


I stopped wearing necklaces probably about two years ago? Around there somewhere anyway, but I did pass along two of the necklaces to my Mama and donated the rest of my pieces. I don’t actually own ANY necklaces anymore!


As for bracelets? I own two. One of which is this one-of-a-kind piece was made for me by my husband when we very first started dating as a Christmas holiday gift in 2009. It is the piece of jewelry I have had the longest and I will wear it on special occasions only. I currently have it packed away for safekeeping and probably only wear it once or twice a year. It is more about the symbolism of it and it is a sort of sentimental piece for me at this point. (Also, no, I do not still have my skull guitar purse, but I still think it was super badass even if it was way too small to really be functional!)

Then my bracelet I do wear a bit more often is this gold very simple and delicate gold styled one:


Only recently have I begun to wear earrings again. Literally this year I decided to start wearing them again. I pretty much wear them as the mood strikes me. So, I have this pair of hoop earrings that give me serious Daisy Jones and the Six vibes:

Then these dangle leaf ones:

These twisty ones that I think look super elegant and are a bit quirky because they don’t exactly match each other and I love that about them! :

Then this circle icicle pair that I think look super refined and distinguished:

Then these 8 more simple stud style ones-crystal, pearl-like, angel wing, triangle, moon & stars, arrow, heart, and Aquarius sign ones:


Finally saving the best for last, my wedding band and ring. I joyfully and blissfully wear this every single day. The inside of our bands we had inscribed with our names and lyrics from our song. The main ring itself features the past, present, and future setting/meaning. These are the only rings that I own and the only ones I feel I need. I did have a dainty cross ring my Mama had bought for me that I wore for about two years or so until it broke and haven’t felt the need to replace, so the wedding rings are the only ones I currently wear.

Jewelry Box:

I also recently acquired this small travel size jewelry box that I keep nearly all of my pieces in. I really like gold and pretty much don’t deviate from that in general.

These are all the pieces of jewelry that I own. It intrigues me to see how my taste in jewelry has evolved. I go for more simple, barely notice it is there style pieces now. I don’t tend to go for the more rocker/loud style anymore. This is the perfect amount for me as minimalism has never been about deprivation, but rather about curating what is important, useful, and meaningful in ones’ life. This still rings true for me! Maybe even a bit moreso even.

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