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Sasha from TheWildSasha did this tag HERE and she linked where she found the tag originally in the description of her video. Sasha said in her video she was tagging anyone that wanted to try it and so yep here we are!


List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way.
Do not take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard.
They do not have to be the “right” books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way.
Paste these instructions and tag 10 friends.

Well, I am basically doing like Sasha did and saying anyone that sees this that wants to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!

Also of note, I am limiting myself to only include books that I have read in 2021 as then that way we are getting more recently read by me recommendations and then it is also less difficult for me to think of things. Hopefully you find something here that maybe peaks your interest and makes you want to read it, even if I didn’t exactly love something. That is okay too. Not everyone has the same book tastes, so if I didn’t love something you loved or I loved something you didn’t, roll with it sweet friends. Okay, here we go!


The Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change your Life and Achieve Real Happiness
Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga

This book, while I did not agree with every single idea and concept, does indeed have the power to change your life outlook if you let it.

Truly. Some of the concepts were so blatantly obvious, but explained so well through dialogue.

Is this perfect? Absolutely not. No book is 100% perfect unless you write it yourself amirite?

Will this change your life if you learn the concepts and then ponder them and let them transform the way in which you view the world? Question your own thought process? Absolutely and definitely a resounding yes.

Have the courage to let people dislike you. Truly let yourself be free from it.

All problems are interpersonal relationship problems.

How you choose to react makes a huge difference.

Granted, I didn’t agree with everything- I don’t think people like choose things like cancer and I will never ever think that regardless of the “benefit”, but beyond that pretty damn spot on.


Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art
James Nestor

This book consistently surprised me throughout. The facts, the studies included, pretty much everything.

Read for the Mean Girls March Readathon Team Karen Prompt of: “Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping”- Read A New Release or Your Most Recent Purchase”

This book was one that I *heavily* annotated. It felt like it took *years* to read, but actually took about 2 weeks (Which to be fair, does feel like an eternity to me as far as reading a book goes).

I set up my own annotation flag and highlighting method that made sense to me. I tracked new to me information, interesting quotes, things to research further, things I didn’t agree with or was suspicious of (which admittedly was my least used flag color), medically interesting facts, medically dangerous facts, and action steps.

Trying to actively realize how shallow my breaths are and how quick they come at other times has been interesting. I hadn’t really realized before that a lot of asthma and anxiety issues stem from overbreathing.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the Buddhist and ancient yoga elements.

All and all it was a great reading experience and a book I very highly recommend.


Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper #1)
Alice Oseman

This was SO cute and sweet and so heartbreakingly heartwarming and adorable!!! Gahhh!!! It made me smile so many times while reading. It had all the cute vibes and I absolutely inhale read the first 4 volumes all in one sitting. Oops! This first one though just absolutely pulled me in and was so wholesome. Squeee!


Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey: The Hunt for Harley
(Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey: The Hunt for Harley #1-4)
Amanda Conner (Illustrator), Jimmy Palmiotti, et all

I am sad I wasted my money on this. Seriously.

I liked the Art style a lot and it did have some decent moments, but this one was…odd for me as a reader.

I enjoyed the run prior with Harley being revamped to be all into Beaver jokes and eating a lot. That stayed consistent, if a little overmuch with the horny schtick, and I still really adored Harley and Ivy together.

The very ending part though of the additional Harley red, black, and white issue shows Harley not only breaking the fourth wall (which she has done before), but also the writers having her sort of insult the audience…it made me feel annoyed. Like I was having a decent time with it until that last panel. Why would they add something like that? This irritated me to the point where even though I had literally just spent $25 on it to read and keep on my shelves, I wound up donating it within a couple weeks because it left me with a gross feeling after reading it and rubbed me entirely the wrong way.


Daisy Jones & The Six
Taylor Jenkins Reid

I finally listened to this on full cast audio this year and it was one of the absolute best reading experiences of my life. Serious nostalgia.

I listened to it while playing video games and tabbing my physical copy and it was everything!

What. A. Wild. Ride.

Holy crap!!!

Camila is the true hero here. Fight me on it.

Seriously, how in the world did Reid write such a realistic story?! Magic that’s what this is.

She writes about the music and the dynamics of everything in a way that truly captures the 1970s music scene.

This book has everything you could want. Sex. Drugs. Rock n roll. Overcoming addiction. Heart break. Heart ache. Incredible lyrics. Such memorable characters.

Phenomenal female supportive friendships that I was absolutely here for! Like forget the drama of Daisy and Billy for a moment and just focus on the amazing support and strength of friendship between Karen and Camila!

Plus the feminism and empowerment here is by far the best I have read in any book I have ever read at this point in my life. Bravo!!!

I wanted to go listen to their music. I wanted to watch their performances. I wanted to just hang out with this band…but they aren’t real!

Thank goodness this book is being turned into a series. I will definitely watch. I don’t watch much TV, but I am always up for a show that is adapted from a great book…and I feel that this adaptation will be transcendant. Inspiring. Iconic.

While some of the characters definitely made some choices I personally wouldn’t have, that made the story all the more interesting to me. They each stuck firm with their choices even when they weren’t making healthy or good choices. Which made quite the page-turner.

I underlined so many great quotes that I know I will refer back to later. I have such a strong book hangover from this. I am so in that world still.

I really loved that this story wasn’t super predictable and these characters were flawed. So flawed. Yet they came through for each other and supported each other. Some didn’t get along. Some got along a little too well. They felt very real in that regard.

These characters are gonna stay in my mind for a long time. I read the hardcover edition originally and felt extreme nostalgia taking in the full cast audio version. I am glad I waited years in between to do so though because it added even more depth to this already incredible work hearing the characters voiced when I was still familiar enough with them to sort of remember, but a lot of it felt fresh again.

Gahhh….so very highly recommend this one! Go read it!

Rock on!


The Way You Make Me Feel
Maurene Goo

I suppose this one fits best into this category for me because I wasn’t quite as invested in the love interest Hamlet. Although their relationship and conversations made me chuckle a few times.

I adored the fractured family dynamics. I kind of liked that not many people here were that likeable. Lots of flaws. They felt more realistic at least. Very human.

Overall, the book had a sort of light and fun summer vibe aside from the fractured family dynamic.

Rose and Clara sort of wound up being okay around each other and even wound up being friends which was surprising to me. Clara didn’t really have very many redeeming qualities to begin with which made her hard to relate to, but then again I am not someone that necessarily needs to like the protagonist to enjoy something, but it really only added to the love/hate vibe I had with it in general. The last chunk where Clara went to spend time with her Mom was my favorite part of the story because it really tied everything in together.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Marie Kondō

This book is my comfort book. I have read it now tons of times since it first came out in 2014 and it is the book I have reread the most. I don’t exactly know why, but I have listened to the audio and read the physical so many times at this point and I guess it just…dare I say it…sparks joy for me.


Women Don’t Owe You Pretty
Florence Given

*I was sent an e-arc from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

While this was pretty and designed well and had some great quotes…it kept rubbing me the wrong way and I couldn’t articulate why at first as I kept reading.

I had to sit with my thoughts for awhile and really reflect on why this book just didn’t jibe well with me once I finished reading it.

Upon reflecting, I realized that it felt like reading a simplified book on feminism and it felt very dumbed down.

There wasn’t anything ground breaking or unique. It felt dull at times and rage fueled at others, but not in an inspirational way so much as a sort of pitiful way. Very dismissive of others to the point of if you didn’t agree with the author, she was basically saying go f*ck yourself. Like, this woman probably doesn’t have healthy friendships in her life and exists in an echo chamber. That was the vibe I got.

Maybe the author didn’t realize while writing this, but it seems like she just sort of dumped all the basic ideas of feminism into a pretty format without diving into much beyond that and sprinkled in a lot of her own personal outlooks on life while borderline, if not outright, bashing anything “traditional”.

“Issues” aren’t as all or nothing as she made them out to be.

I could see maybe someone just starting to get into feminist ideas possibly gaining something here, but it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t enjoy my time reading it.

This was a miss for me and definitely one that I wish I hadn’t wasted my time reading.


Crazy Rich Asians
Kevin Kwan

A huge part of me wants to go visit Singapore and experience all of the amazing street food from reading this, oh my goodness! This year was my 2nd read of this series and I still love it just as much, if not more! It sucks you in like a juicy Asian version of Gossip Girl, but better! Oh and holy crap once again about the whole one kid, but the grandparents wanting to pour acid in to blind her in one eye thing so a possible son could be born….yeesh!!!


You Love Me (You #3)
Caroline Kepnes

This book absolutely gave me ALL of the feels!

We were back to the magic again in second person perspective in this latest installment of the You series! This style is where Kepnes absolutely shines as an author.

The story itself was a wild ride from start to finish as we found Joe settling down in a small town after being forced to leave L.A. Things weren’t easy on him as we witnessed him become obsessed with yet another woman, only this time? She not only has a daughter but is also married to a failed rockstar musician one-hit-wonder.

There were many surprises from the feminist best friend storyline to the continuing storyline with Love…

Was Love posting videos of their son on Instagram doing troublesome and borderline dangerous things on purpose to try to provoke Joe?

I especially enjoy how Kepnes makes such messy people come to life in this series. The love interest type that Joe tends to fall for always seem to have their own set of issues and that realistic portrayal is a huge reason why I love her writing.

The addition of getting to see the personality of Mary Kays daughter, Nomi, was particularly well done I thought. I love that even the side characters felt real here.

Definitely recommend this one and I’m happy I got to read one of my most anticipated releases of this year! It was worth the wait!

There you have it my friends!

Go ahead and try this tag too if you would like. 🙂

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