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Minimalism Series Update: Four Years Later

If you want to see my original post from four years ago, click HERE.

Yes I am diving into updating you on some of the posts I had posted about originally four years ago and here we are with the update of one of the very first series posts I did; my minimalism series.

Let’s get into it, starting with clothes:

My needs for clothing have changed and evolved over time as well (if you want to see how my jewelry collection has changed, check out this post HERE and if you want to see my much more expansive book collection now, click HERE)as I have already posted updates on those topics.

I decided once we got all moved into our new home (after deciding RV life wasn’t for us anymore) that I would go through and see what, if anything, needed to be passed along to someone else. I decided to start a 30 day Minimalism challenge to sort of jump start myself for inspiration and found a really nice minimalism challenge by Melissa from Squirrels of a Feather (get your own copy of this list HERE).

Overall it wasn’t much as I haven’t accumulated a lot over the years and I weed things out pretty regularly. Nothing with holes, stains, etc. this time around.

Hubby and I obviously share a closet and so he also keeps his hats on the free standing open shelf/rack I use as well, but everything else on this rack unit thing we have belongs to me.

I gathered everything out and placed it on our bed.

Then I picked up each item individually and thought about why I had it.

Did it have a special travel related memory? Was it a gift? On sale? I decided what items I wanted to keep based on what made me feel good when I wore it. Why would I keep something if I didn’t actually WANT to wear it?  I donated a few items that just didn’t suite my style anymore, were too many of the same category and so never got worn, or in the case of the winter leggings were pieces that I didn’t want to keep for next season.

I didn’t divide by season, I went through ALL items for all seasons at once. Especially since we live in an area that gets all four seasons again, there were a lot of pieces that stuck around because I do want to wear them again in their appropriate season.

I realized while my personal style was mostly dresses from four years ago, and was when we were traveling, I don’t own many now. I have four now. One is a feather summer dress, one is a sort of multi-colored bohemian style, one is a more dressy flowery summer dress, and then I have one that is long sleeved and black with a constellation print that I think is absolutely stunning in the Fall season.

My style has evolved more overall into sporty clothes on a daily basis. I made several updated purchases to my wardrobe a couple months ago including a few pairs of Champion black pants, a pair of 70s style jeans that hug in all the right places, and one pair of super sophisticated black dress pants. Then I wound up keeping a pair of pj pants, a pair of yoga pants, two black dress skirts-one that is more flowy fabric and the other that is more of a body hug style, a tan flowy skirt, two pairs of shorts, and two pairs of leggings.

As far as tops I mostly have a lot of t-shirts, pretty dressy blouses with flowy material, a few sweaters and crop pullovers, and zip-up jackets/hoodies. I did wind up letting go of two t-shirts (and then one more blouse-grey, not pictured) and a pair of fluffy socks that are pretty but I NEVER wear, a purple skirt and a few pairs of leggings.

Then I have a raincoat I keep in our main closet and then I own three other coats/jackets that I keep in our downstairs hall closet. One big puffy purple winter one, one lighter grey Spring jacket, and one Black North Face jacket. I have one scarf-a black and red Harley Quinn diamond print one from BioWorld and then a green knit beanie I wear in the winter.

Also yes, the clothes I sorted to donate have Dexter glitter in this pic, but don’t worry, I washed them before donating them along with a pile of clothes Jake wanted to donate, (and did up a load of towels too) because while *I* may love having my sweet fur babies dog hair on me, I can’t say the same for anyone else! 😉

Day Two was to organize the items from my “dresser” too, which is also my nightstand and really is just a plastic storage bin drawer thing from Walmart.

Everything from the top needed to make its way elsewhere-and the lotion had to get thrown out because it was from around Christmas(!)-and then the pink bin on top there is all that sits there now. I do set my glasses and a water there over night, but that’s it.

As far as the inside of the dresser drawers, the first drawer held my spare purse (which I let go of and now I use this drawer for my swimsuit and summer shorts and pjs), the second holds our spare cloth face masks and some workout tops, and then the third drawer held the most with having summer pjs, extra t-shirts and some leggings, as well as my absolute favorite t-shirt of all time. Zoltar wootwoot!

I also went through and sorted my hats, shoes, and handbags next all as part of my “dresser/wardrobe” too.

For hats, I really like the baseball style ones and I have one from Lake Mead which was the first RV park we stayed at in our travels which is brown and tan and then one that is from the Iowa 80 Truck Stop that is black and pink. 2 baseball style hats, both of which I do wear often, so all good there. Plus the green beanie that I mentioned earlier. So, 3 hats in total.

In looking at my shoes, I realized I own two pair of slippers-one pair of pink bunny slippers and one pair of black slippers, a pair of nice black flats, a pair of black Fall boots, a pair of purple water-resistant Winter boots, a pair of daily Nike sneakers, and a pair of really nice ankle hiking boots. 6 pairs (if we don’t count the slippers). So that’s actually the same number I had four years ago too. 6 pairs of shoes. It works well for me I think. I didn’t need to let go of anything there.

As far as purses, I have my super colorful Harajuku purse which is my main purse at the moment (which I got to tidy on Day Three of this challenge), a Tommy Hilfiger brown and tan crossbody purse, a simple brown pleather crossbody purse, a big pink Guess purse, a galaxy purple luggage bag/purse, and a black pleather purse with a cross on it. 6 purses in total. I realized that I hadn’t carried my Guess one literally in over 2 years and so I let that go. I also donated my spare brown pleather crossbody purse because it is just too similar in style to my TH one hat I reach for way more often. Then the black pleather one with a cross on it, I was using for medicine storage…so I let that one go too. It is nice now to have my main purse, a spare, and then one that is sort of more for luggage. 3 purses total. I cut my purse collection in half!

Bye bye friends. Thank you for your service!

Every “extra” shirt that I had saved in my drawer space I let go of (aside from my Zoltar shirt and a few workout tops), along with a cardigan, a swimsuit top, and another pair of leggings.

There you have it, my sorting out of clothes and accessories didn’t take me nearly as long as it had from four years ago, it helps to keep up with that stuff, and I am really happy with my clothing choices every day when I go to get dressed. That’s worth its weight in gold and it is really nice to always feel like I have something I want to wear. Especially since my tastes in style still fluctuate constantly in terms of what look I try to go for on any given day. It is super nice to have options.

Day Three I got to clean out my Harajuku purse and really only had some stuff from going to the grocery that had to be taken out. My flip wallet, spare pen, face mask, hand sanitizer, and cards all got to stay inside.

As for Day Four in donating books, I wound up donating a WHOLE lot more than the suggested 5. (4 brown bags full at any rate!)

Then for Day Five clearing paper clutter, I didn’t have much to throw out thankfully as I really don’t hold onto much there.

Day Six was to Purge Broken or Unused Toys, but since we don’t have those, I cleaned out our car instead. Thankfully that wasn’t bad and mostly consisted of gathering out old face masks and some takeaway drink containers.

When Day Seven rolled around, which was to declutter the kitchen drawers and cabinets, I didn’t have much to do aside from basically rearranging things because I did a MASSIVE clear out of our RV kitchen items and essentials before we moved in. We used to have a TON of condiment packets, which I am pleased to report did NOT make their way back into our lives in the in between time there, so that made me super happy!

Day Eight was to clear out the fridge and pantry. Again, not much with that. A bag of lettuce and some old lemons got tossed and that was that.

Day Nine had me sorting out my makeup and medicines.

I find it super interesting to note that my makeup that I use now is also mostly E.L.F. brand…just as it was four years ago! I like that brand quite a bit!

I did make the time to properly give my makeup brushes a nice deep clean.

I had one chap stick that was old that I tossed and that was it. No old medicines to toss out thankfully:

Then the final day of the physical declutter portion was to sell 3 items online. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to sell, so I sat down to write this post instead.

I will be getting started on the Digital Declutter portion for the next 10 days and then finishing up with the 10 days of Mental decluttering. I won’t be writing about these next two sections as I don’t think that they would a) really be all that interesting and b) be something that I really want to post about anyway.

So, all and all this process was great and really showed me how much has changed for me over the past four years in particular and how in keeping up with everything sort of as I go, I don’t really wind up with a lot that I need to let go of anymore. Which, is probably one of the best benefits of minimalism when I stop to think about it. Less to worry about=less stress. That’s a huge win in my book!

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