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Monsieur Dexter

Monsieur Dexter

10/13/04 – 06/26/21

Dexter was the best buddo wuddo anyone could have ever asked for. He got Jake and I through several moves, was the ring bearer in our wedding, got us through a lot of really bad health problems, he accompanied me around the house all the time and listened to audiobooks with me, and fell asleep happily when Jake would play music.

We had his DNA tested a few years ago and he was 50% herding breed and then 12.5% ChowChow, 12.5% German Shepard, 12.5% Beagle, and 12.5% Husky. 100% perfect dog.

My Instagram account featured posts every once in awhile written from his perspective and I always had a “Dexter voice” that I did to speak for him. I used to sing him several songs that, well, I won’t ever get to sing again.

Dexter and his favorite toy, his burger (from his GodMama Kayla) got to see so much in all of our travels. He got to sniff so many fresh sniffs and had his paws in so many different places. He got to see mountains, deserts, forests, sandy beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers, all sorts of stuff. Out of all of our travels, we think Dexter enjoyed The Great Sand Dunes and any and all dog beaches he got to sniff along the way. Really, he just enjoyed adventuring with us.

Dexter got to eat duck and chicken treats, peanut butter treats, CBD treats, all the treats. He always got to have the best french fries when we would share with him and he got to be right up front in the RV to watch as much as he wanted while we drove. He got to take tons of naps in so many beds over the years and in so many places too.

Once we finally settled down from all of the RV adventures, he started to find his voice and he started to bark and converse with the neighbor dog with the confidence that only a dog with his paws firmly grounded and rooted into one place can have. Woof!

He had so many nicknames: Monsieur Fuzzybutt, Ardvark, Monsieur PupNStuff, Monsieur DexterBuddy, DexterLovey, Puppers, Buddo Wuddo, BudsyBudsyBaby, and so many more variations. We loved him with everything. We miss him with everything too.

It was an honor and a priviledge to get to be his dog parents, especially his primary caregivers for the last 7 years of his life. Dexter was an absolute legend. He will always be missed.

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