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Skedaddle Season: New Game Plus

We are back at it again!

Are we insane? Probably. Does it matter? Meh!

You only get one life.

So, hubby and I originally were planning to come back to Illinois and settle down and buy a house. We even put an offer in on one. The night that we put the offer in, my husband turned to me at 3 am and after asking if I was still awake, asked if we were making a mistake. I said we needed to get up and talk about it.

We got up and really got serious about what we want. How we want to live. Where we want to be. We realized that we were hoping for the offer to fall through. We decided that if it did, we would hit the road again.

The offer fell through.

We were ecstatic about it! We were only sort of lukewarm about the house anyway and our hearts weren’t really in it. Traveling again though? That’s where our passion was!

We posted Adelaide for sale online and got a TON of messages inquiring about her. After sifting through the overwhelming responses, Jake came across one from someone who wanted to use Adelaide as an animal rescue vehicle. He said he worked for a non-profit that goes to natural disaster areas and rescues the animals there. The organization, Cause For Paws, is one that we realized we wanted to help out. The guy came to look at it and we wound up donating Adelaide to the cause. It felt right, especially considering how we lost Dexter this year. We realized that since we were finally in a financially stable situation, being able to pass her along like that for such a great cause was everything! We were so grateful that we got to adventure with her for the couple years we did. Being able to give her a future life as a transport vehicle for animals in need is like Dexter’s legacy living on.

We really got to looking into traveling again and realized that a lot will be different this time around:

-Dexter won’t be with us. Don’t get me wrong, we loved him with everything and are so unbelievably grateful that we got to bring him on this monumental adventure we had, but it was hard. There were several RV parks and hotels along the way that we couldn’t stay because we had a pet, or that we couldn’t stay because of his size (which never made sense to me anyways, but I digress). We had to be back within a few hours to take care of him, so that limited the amount of exploring and hikes etc. There were a lot of different things we just couldn’t do that we will have access to now.

-We have done this before. We are literally taking the same route and same idea, with more experience this go around. We are down-sizing to only take our car again. We know places to stay along the way. We will probably wind up in Phoenix, Arizona again. Although, we could wind up going elsewhere. Who knows? Not us yet!

-RV purchasing is something we have done and now we know what we want and how we want things to be ahead of time. We want slide-outs. We want a fifth wheel or travel trailer. We want to have the bunkhouse part of an RV to convert into an office that closes off. We both work remotely, so that’s imperative actually. We want to trade our car in for a truck. Probably…maybe. Then again, we aren’t locked into anything either.

-We know the ins and outs of various programs that help while traveling, like becoming a member of Good Sam, Passport America, etc.

-We will have a newer RV set up and that opens up a lot of RV parks to stay at. There were several parks that would not let us stay since Adelaide was as old as she was.

There you have it!

We are traveling again (in the US only) and heading to where it is warm because we realized we do NOT want to deal with the winter. Plus, we aren’t really ready to settle down and get roots quite yet. We both still have wanderlust and want to explore. We want to be able to do that while we are able to for as long as we can until we decide otherwise.

We had a moving sale and sold most of our bigger items.

We donated a lot.

We are still working on posting items for Facebook marketplace.

We are planning on heading out in two weeks. That could change. Who knows?!

Regardless, we both feel this is the right path for us.

Afterall, if it isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a no. You only get to live one life. Might as well enjoy it and make the most of it!


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