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*I was provided an e-arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

“Roar” by Cora Carmack

Okay, so the cover art for this book is startlingly gorgeous. Major props to the artist and to the publishing company and for everyone involved in making this so visually breathtaking. To address the startlingly obvious elephant in the room there are more than a few comparisons that cane be made between the female protagonist Aurora and Daenerys from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. […]

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“The Great Granny Cake Contest!” by: Tracey Corderoy; Illustrator: Joe Berger

To say this was a delightful read would not be doing it justice. From the very first page, the magic and mayhem that Pandora and her Grandmother get into makes you keep flipping the pages to see what schemes occur next! A cat named Cobweb, a magical Mom that doesn’t use her magic named Moonbeam, and a Dad that doesn’t have magic, the characters in this adorable read seem to […]

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“The Girl With The Ghost Machine” by: Lauren DeStefano

Originally I will admit I judged this book by the cover. (I referenced this work on my YouTube channel as an upcoming book I would be reading from a video posted on 4/15/17.) The story itself however, drew me in and was a page turner/quick read. The subject matter right from the beginning is heavy and very well handled by the author.  Emmaline is the main character whose Mom has […]

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“Breakwater” by: Catherine Jones Payne

Right away, you notice that stunning cover. It is gorgeous and on par with the cover for the book Roar by Cora Carmack (review will be posted on May 14th). Exquisite!  This one had a LOT of tag possibilities as it spans some genres and had a lot of different themes. I was stoked to see a mermaid story up for grabs that had some intrigue and depth (pun-alert!) to […]

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“Within Walking Distance: Creating Livable Communities for All” by Philip Langdon

I knew I wanted to review this specifically because I saw Portland, OR listed as one the cities “explored” in this guide. I DEVOURED this. Seriously. I feel like I should have some jetlag from all my traveling…I loved that the writing style was educational/informative enough to really help me to build these cities in my mind as I read about them! The intro lays out the premise of the […]

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“Odd Birds” by: Ian Harding

As soon as I read the description, I knew I had to put in a request to review this one right away! Pretty Little Liars is a show that I have stuck with since the beginning and it has been like a “guilty pleasure” show. I liked Ezra as a character and thought Ian portrayed the character well. I also thought it interesting that Ezra writes a book in the […]

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“Radium Girls” by: Kate Moore

“Despite the harrowing implications, why do you feel this story hasn’t been widely explored?” is asked at the back of this book as part of a discussion guide and that my dears, is exactly what I would like to know! This novel explores not only the story itself, not only the clinical and factual side, but focused on the LIVES of these women. What they went through, how they were […]

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“The Sunshine Sisters” by: Jane Green

I always find books that thread and weave together throughout the characters’ lives and how they grow to be fascinating. It is nice to read a novel with forward motion. The book opens with Ronni and her three grown daughters at the tail end of Ronni’s life. She is in pain and wanting to end her own life. Then we are taken back toward the early days of Ronni’s career […]

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“Kitchen Table Tarot” by: Melissa Cynova

The subtitle for this: “Pull Up a Chair, Shuffle the Cards, and Let’s Talk Tarot” is VERY fitting.  The entire book read like a mentor, or a friend, just chatting with the reader about her experiences reading and what works for her while also telling the reader to do what works best for them.  As a Buddhist why have I always felt drawn to tarot? Well, I think a lot […]

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“How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority” by JP Sears

I was sent the ebook version of this to review. This will also be released as an audio version. I can’t help but feel that the audio version may actually “read” better. The reason for that is simple: The copy I was sent to review was riddled with spelling mistakes. Now, I can brush off small ones no problem. After all, they are advanced editions, not the final corrected proof […]

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