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“The Lost Apothecary” by: Sarah Penner

*****I purchased this book through my Book of the Month subscription which is a monthly subscription where you can select one of five brand new hardcover books to receive for only $15! If YOU would like to try Book of the Month and get your first hardcover book for only $5, use my referral code and I will get a credit as well! Happy reading!***** My absolute lack of respect […]

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“Harleen” by: Stjepan Šejić

Let me start by saying I adore Harley. Like everything about her. The fact that she was a psychiatrist that fell in love with a patient. The fact that she fell so deeply in love that she could arguably be considered the most damaged of all of Jokers victims. That she is still optimistic and hopeful even after all she has gone through. Her origin story here was really very […]

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“Bunny: A Novel” by: Mona Awad

So weird in the absolute best possible way. Randomly sexualized, Max was hot in such a bizarre way, and Ava and Samantha were the best friends…and that ending! Swan and buck oh my gosh… Loved this so much! Like nothing I have ever read! I created an entire reading vlog over Halloween of my reactions as I read this throughout a few days. Check out more of my thoughts in […]

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“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Read for the Tropeical Readathon prompt of read a book you previously DNF’d. Wow. I had tried multiple times over the past few years to get into this work. It wasn’t the right time. It was odd because usually when I DNF a book, it isn’t for a timing sort of purpose. Yet, this book was something that I knew I would circle back to when the time was right. […]

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“The Perfect Stranger: by: Megan Miranda

🔮 Read as part of the OWLs Magical Readathon for the Divination prompt- random number generator for your TBR. This was the lucky winner! Thankfully the random number generator chose this for me because it isn’t necessarily what I would have reached for otherwise. It is especially interesting to me because I had planned on reading this for last years OWLs, but changed to a different book instead in planning […]

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“My Dark Vanessa” by: Kate Elizabeth Russell

🔮 I listened to this as part of the OWLs readathon for the Astronomy prompt of reading a book mostly at night. This book was the longest of my chosen reads for OWLs coming in at 384 pages. Most of my choices this time were around the 300 page or so mark. This one is being so hyped within the book community and I believe it is definitely deserving of […]

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The New Testament

To complete my read the New Testament in 2020, I wound up going ahead a little bit at the end of 2019 and reading Matthew. So, technically, I read 26 of the 27 books of the New Testament in 2020 and not all 27. You can read my thoughts on my reading of the Old Testament in 2019 HERE. I was surprised by how quickly it flew by though. I […]

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“The King of Crows” by: Libba Bray

It is finally here! As of February 4th, this beauty was released officially into the world. This is probably the most difficult to rate book I have EVER come across. Man oh man is it difficult to do this without spoilers, but I am a professional so I will do my absolute best to reign it all in. The Diviners series has been THE most influential book series for me […]

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“Convenience Store Woman” by: Sayaka Murata

I loved every single thing about this book! I listened to it on audio and the narrator did SUCH a great job performing this! It was intriguing to read from the perspective of a person not quite knowing how to be a human, that she felt very outcast for not conforming to social norms and not thinking the way that most other people do! I could relate to her for […]

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