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“The Paper Magician” by Charlie N. Holmberg

This novel was bizarre. I debated on whether or not I wanted to review it. I don’t like writing negative reviews, saving those only for books I find truly terrible. This novel does not fit my criteria for a negative review. I also didn’t love it. I wouldn’t really recommend it personally as I did not enjoy it. This left me a bit at odds as to how to properly […]

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“Starters/Enders” Duology by Lissa Price

For starters, let’s start with Starters: This Sci-fi sucked me in right from the start. I loved the way that things were described/alluded to throughout to remind the reader of being in a future setting. The suspension of disbelief here was still plausible so everything just clicked. I loved Starters even though it had small grammatical errors scattered about. I found its “plot twist” at the end predictable and eye-roll […]

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“All the Ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood

This novel was a heart-breaking and lovely read. The title is very apt for the subject matter. I know some reviewers have likened it to a modern-day retelling of Lolita, but I wouldn’t make that leap. The sexual undertones are not prevalent until the girl is older. There is a relationship built on security and trust first which I think is the all important distinction to make here. I would […]

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“Hyperbole and a Half” by Allie Brosh

This is a hard book to read at work. It is difficult to hold in laughter sounds and have tears streaming down ones face while trying not to alert co-workers to the fact that you are insane for laughing at stuff like this. It is FUNNY! Worth reading. Quick read yes. The pictures are really what sells it. This book also won the 2013 pick on Goodreads in the humor […]

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“A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness

Oh so rare to find a book like this that pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading, reading, reading. What is happening and why? It is SO beautifully done. I am in awe of the storytelling power and metaphor here! This is the first time this year a book had grabbed me in so quickly and didn’t let go! The artwork in it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It […]

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“Bossypants” by: Tina Fey

I was a bit hesitant to read this as I had read very mixed reviews about it. Some loved, some hated, some said meh. HOWEVER, I usually tend to not agree with a lot of people when they don’t even know what I like, they can’t judge for me! Ahem, anyways, I really enjoyed this. I didn’t think it was laugh out loud funny, but it was intelligent and well […]

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“This Is Where It Ends” by: Marieke Nijkamp

This book is a realistic portrayal of what could happen in a situation like this. So here is what I think works in this book: A) The way that it portrays leaks via media and the way that people comment/question things without knowing all details/facts yet. There are always trolls online. People that only respond with what they think will stir up trouble. Haters. People that don’t believe what is […]

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“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” by: Mindy Kaling

This book was okay. I have never seen The Office or The Mindy Project though so maybe that’s why I didn’t really enjoy it as much as maybe others have. I wanted to read a funny memoir. I have read other memoirs by women without being familiar with their work prior to their writings and those have inspired me to check out their work…but as previously written, this was just […]

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“Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight” by: Travis Langley

Wow. This was…incredible. I read the Game of Thrones and Psychology and also the Walking Dead and Psychology by the same author and this one is above and beyond the best one imho. Lots of definitions and citing of specific themes and moments to illustrate, this work dives into the world of Batman through his many incarnations. From comics to films, it’s all included and quotes are used throughout from […]

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