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Through The Senses

Use no abstraction, no generalization, no summary, no analysis, no interpretation. Force yourself to write moment to moment through the senses only. Don’t hassle your style, don’t agonize over the right word; just keep the flow of it through the senses-flowing, flowing, flowing. Don’t think, don’t think. Senses, senses, senses. Stage One: Okay, so I awake and notice that stuff is moved around from how it was when I fell […]

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Duchess the Dragon!

The only requirement is that you must (choose) a pet you have never owned.   Duchess is majestic. Her wings shimmer an incandescent blue/gray in the dawn light. Reaching out toward her, she folds her wings in as she lands next to me. Gently nuzzling my hand, loudly chomping away at whatever plants she has managed to find, she lets out a sigh of contentment. “Oh Duchess. Did you have […]

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A Recipe & A Simile

The morning sun tastes like: Honey mingled into your morning tea. Her voice smelled like: Chocolate. Dark, seductive, and smooth. The music sounded heavy as: A cat seated firmly upon your chest. The color green feels like: The ridges of a crispy potato chip fresh from the oven. The color red tastes like: Victory. Midnight rain is bitter as: Tea that has steeped far too long. The wind looks as ___________ as: […]

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Surrealism Exercise, Or Thinking Outside The Box.

Running Hands Fountain Pen After a long day of running, she discovered that her hands had grown a fountain pen.   Now Maria had barely even had time to stop to think let alone process what had just happened. Each of her hands had its own fountain pen growing out from her index fingers. She had been concentrating rather hard on how badly she needed to begin her bullet journal for […]

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