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“Sleep Like a Baby” (Aurora Teagarden #10) by: Charlaine Harris

Oh Charlaine Harris. I love her books. I have read ALL of her series. From the very first to this final installment in the Aurora series, why oh why does she continue to overuse the word “little”? I have ranted about this in previous reviews of her previous works. I had to take a deep breath on this one as I read and before I began this review. Real Talk […]

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“Sweet and Deadly” by Charlaine Harris

 Hmmm. Okay then. So, this was a short “little” read. For being Charlaine Harris’ first work, it isn’t bad…but I *did* notice that her bad writing habit of overusing the word “little” which has been a prevalent pet-peeve of mine with all of her works began here. Sigh. Moving on… This was an odd sort of tale. There were several extra added details and red herrings added in that I […]

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