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“The Inventor’s Secret Trilogy” by: Andrea Cremer

The Inventor’s Secret (Book #1) This was the second book I started and the third that I completed for #Booktubeathon2017. I chose this one as the “Read a book completely outside” challenge. The first day (Day 2 of Booktubeathon) I knocked out 206 pages total outdoors. I then began my third book (audio of When Dimple Met Rishi) and finished that one before I finally went to bed around 2 […]

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“When Dimple Met Rishi” by: Sandhya Menon

This was on my TBR for a while before I finally decided to dive into it for #Booktubeathon 2017 which ran from July 24th-July 30th. This was the second book I completed for #Booktubeathon2017. I chose this one as the “Read a hyped book” challenge. This was on my TBR for a while before I finally decided to dive into it for #Booktubeathon 2017. I listened to the audio book […]

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“In 27 Days” by: Alison Gervais

There are few books that I feel show strong character relationship builds…this book was one of them. The relationship between Hadley and Archer felt extremely realistic. Archer is not 100% perfect Mr. Prince Charming Swoon over him because he is so perfect. He is flawed. He has issues. He isn’t your “typical” loner bad boy that just needs some good girl to come along… ::::::WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD:::::::: Hadley reminded me […]

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“Caraval” by: Stephanie Garber

In listening to this audiobook, read by Rebecca Soler, I knew I was going to listen to the whole thing in one day and I was able to do just that. Stopping for breaks and picking right back up, the story line never felt lost or dropped. Everything threaded pretty well together. This was a fun romp and reminded me a lot of a mix between Alice in Wonderland in […]

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“Fins” Trilogy by: Tera Lynn Childs

“Forgive my Fins”(Fins #1) I checked out a few reviews on good-reads before I jumped into writing my own. Only occasionally do I do this. I wanted to see if others were as enchanted with this as I was. Surprisingly, not the first few I read… I did not understand why so many people were down on this book. Yes it is filled with puns…..DELIGHTFULLY filled with puns! (I love […]

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“All The Good Parts” by: Loretta Nyhan

I received this novel as part of the November 2016 Once Upon A Book Club Box. (It is a book box subscription service that makes the book they send “come alive” in that you open gifts on certain page numbers during the reading of the story that correlate with what it happening. Talk about making a connection to what you are reading!) The soft cover edition has a matte feel […]

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