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“13 Minutes” by Sarah Pinborough

I was confused at first as to why this one was a Netgalley read when it says it doesn’t release until October but that there were so many reviews already on here. It looks like it has been changed a bit and is being re-released. It was first published February 18th, 2016 and from what I can gather Netflix is making it into an original movie. This was interesting to […]

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“A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J. Maas

WARNING: The internet is dark and full of spoilers…so if you don’t want this spoiled because you haven’t read it yet, I suggest that you go read it and then come back to this post. Pretty much all of my posts are written post reading of novels and my entire blog is basically one big spoiler…..BUT how I explain something and how YOU picture it happening may be totally different […]

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