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“This Is Where It Ends” by: Marieke Nijkamp

This book is a realistic portrayal of what could happen in a situation like this. So here is what I think works in this book:

A) The way that it portrays leaks via media and the way that people comment/question things without knowing all details/facts yet. There are always trolls online. People that only respond with what they think will stir up trouble. Haters. People that don’t believe what is being said. Ones that don’t fully read everything written before responding.

B) The random thoughts that occur during a crisis.

C) The “Let’s blame the victims/the school/the parents/the lack of noticing blah blah blah that happens WAY too often. Sure he may have had some crap happen in his life. BIG DEAL. Many teens go through hardships, but they don’t all decide to start murdering people. That is a choice that the murderer made all by himself. Trying to blame outside sources and say “Oh he’s a product of XYZ” is a total cop out. I’m glad that this book did not do that. It showed the father being abusive, but never tried to say this was a reason for the actions chosen.

D) The realistic and very simplistic way that gun control was glossed over yet briefly mentioned. If just ONE DAMN person had a gun they could have put a stop to what the killer was doing. BUT even if they had allowed a gun, it would have been “locked in a safe” where YES IT WOULD BE INACCESSIBLE IN THE ACTUAL EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.

E) The way that this included different classes/races/relationships than most YA on the market. Bravo for portraying not only other cultures etc. but also for showing what small town life is like. No one expects these things to happen to THEIR town.

F) Showing that humor is sometimes how people handle things that are serious/tragic. Just like sometimes people will laugh instead of cry. It’s a response that not everyone understands but that doesn’t make it a wrong one or an inaccurate one. Tomas as a character was portayed as being like the class clown. His lines made sense.

There ya have it. I would recommend this.

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