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“The Princess Saves Herself In This One” by Amanda Lovelace

In this collection of poetry, there are multiple tales being told. Metaphor is used quite a bit and the life of Amanda is sad yet hopeful.

She battles against herself (sounds like anorexia, possibly bulimia), her mother (abusive), and dragons (ex-boyfriends). She also battles against what society expects/wants.
There are some that may say this is too “emo” or that the style isn’t poetry because “hitting enter after every line doesn’t make it poetry”. To each their own. I thought it was worth reading. The way that the lines sometimes make pictures is always a style I have always admired since it makes words into actual art.
A few poems I took screenshots of with my phone (I was reading on my Android) because I wanted to send to family/friends I knew who would find them helpful/inspiring.
Regardless of all the pain that Amanda has experienced, all of the loss, she uses her poetry to help her cope. That is one of the wonderful healing powers of art. It may not make sense to all, you don’t need to have lived these things to have empathy, but there are some themes in poems that are universally easy to relate to.
I enjoyed this work and would recommend it.


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