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Weekend Update: Thrift Finds!

My thrift finds of the day included a Charmed board game ($1.99), an Alice in Wonderland DVD ($2.99) and three books I can’t wait to read! (“Still Alice” by Alice Hoffman,  “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky each only $1.50!!!)

I will admit, I love thrifting. I enjoy finding things that I can enjoy and then pass along to someone else and I can think of these items as being in a sort of limbo. Like they are temporary keepers until I actually add them into the bookcases.

When I read a book, it is extremely rare for me to read it again. I have to have gotten a lot out of a book to warrant actually making a purchase and adding it into my library. Most (about 90% of) books that I find while thrifting I have not read yet and they are ones that I would like to read and then pass along.

I Iove my library finds, but occasionally I will pick up books while thrifting if I want to read them but don’t want the “clock ticking” of a library check out. Seriously, I always feel like I need to bump those items up on the TBR so I can get them read in time before taking the books back. Even e-books from the library have a time limit. Most of the books currently on my shelves, I shamefully admit, have not been read yet.

These are books that I want to read eventually and see if I like them. If I do, I will think about if I want to keep them or if I want to pass them along to someone else (family or friend) or to the little libraries in my city. (I send out any books this way. Magically releasing them into the wild. Who knows who may see those books in there and squeal in delight. I have been known to do this a few times seeing books that I want to read in them.)

My Mom and I loved the show Charmed, so I can’t wait to check out this game with her and see if it is fun. I checked to make sure all the pieces were in it before purchase and they were. Yay!

How was YOUR weekend?



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