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“The Name Of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss

Hello Kote my old friend. ‘Tis a rare thing indeed for me to reread a book, let alone to read it once for the first time toward the beginning of the year and then finish off the end of the year with rereading it.

I missed nuances that I hadn’t picked up on during the first go-around. I was caught in the suspense of the story; the unknowing. This time I was sitting down to hear a tale retold by an old friend that had told it to me once before when I wasn’t feeling well enough to take it all in.

Well worth the second read.

Here were my brief notes while reading:

48.0% “Upon this second reading, many things feel different than the first go-around. I haven’t re-read very many books in my life-a scattering here & there really- but this one (+ the sequel of course) are well worth it. The way I have felt so far is akin to hanging out w/an old well-beloved friend & having them tell you a story they told you once upon a time. Picking up on different elements that weren’t the focus before.” (page 351)

58.0%”Ah the part where Denna comes back into Kvothes life. I always had mixed feelings about her character. I never disliked her per say, but I didn’t really care too much for her either. Kvothe loved her though and that’s all that really matters.” (page 400)
82.0% “It amazes me that I could come across something that I didn’t really pick up on during my first reading! Lo and behold, though, I learned something! “White mutiny” which means to follow the commander no more, no less, just do as asked to do. That’s interesting because that is basically how I was at nearly ALL of my previous jobs in customer service related positions!!! Ha.”  (page 567)
87.0% “Ass over teakettle” is a phrase that I have always found to be wondrous, yet is hardly in usage anymore. Let’s change that and make it have a comeback!” (page 582)

As I stated in a different review, my husband and I had the opportunity to meet the author earlier this year. My hubby is making his way through book 2 “The Wise Man’s Fear” and now I will be making my way through the second read of that one soon too! It may end up being the first book I finish of 2017. I purchased hard copies of these two as well as the novella “The Slow Regard of Silent Things” since I had originally read them in ebook format. Since my hubby loves them too, I figured it is well worth the investment. Still waiting patiently for the epic release of “Doors of Stone”…

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