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Buzz Books 2017

I realize it is more than a bit meta to be reviewing a book of excerpts whose sole purpose is to get people excited about them, to “create buzz”, however I can’t help but be inspired to write about this awesomeness nonetheless.
I know we are not to judge books by their covers, but there are some stunning covers in the selections included here that will be released. This e-copy included color “pre-release” cover art, not yet finalized for most, and the previews were varied of course with many being simply stunning.

I was intrigued right away by Roar by Cora Carmack. I love that the formatting included links to request review copies straight from the book! (Kindle versions of course) I always try to only have two or three books “open” at once on my request log so I stay on track to review them in a timely fashion, but I can’t wait to delve into requesting some of the other titles in this collection!

This was very well put together. The selections of upcoming releases range from Middle School age to Young Adult.

Excellent all around and I LOVE the idea of these Buzz Books and would very HIGHLY recommend these to anyone who has their own blog or who is interested in book blogging. (I also think they would be helpful for librarians to maybe help in selecting titles to order for their Youth section.)
A nice spread of variety as far as genres included here too. Humor, Sci-Fi, Modern Fairytale to Biography/Memoir and Romance.
The “about the author” blurbs included helped out too so Bloggers familiar with previous works can nod along and newcomers may be wanting to check out other works by them too.
2017 is going to have some great new releases!

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