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“Memoirs of a Geisha” by: Arthur Golden

This book was beautiful.
Heart-wrenching at times.
Roller coastery.
Book Notes While Reading:
3.32% “I can tell already I am going to enjoy reading this.”
21.29% “Wow. This poor girl.”
24.02% “Seriously, how can women be so catty and uncaring like that? The poor girls parents both died…sigh. Poor girl!”
****Note: Soon after this point I realized it was a fictional story and not an actual memoir. I am still tagging it under memoir because of the title and all (it is also a historical fiction so it is tagged as both).****
I need to admit that at first for the first few chapters I actually thought this was a legit memoir being told. Then I realized it was historical fiction. Didn’t matter. Still all those things.
I didn’t need to root for Chiyu, I basically just observed her telling throughout. I had to ponder a bit as to what it was specifically about her that rubbed me the wrong way. It was several things of course. Her passive nature and that she slept with married men was what it was at first. Then I thought well no, because that was the culture. That was what was “done”. When I really thought on it, the big issue that I had with her was that she became manipulative. Poor decision making and playing the victim were in there too. She had a tough life. All of these things rolled around in my mind when I sat to write this review.
I still enjoyed the story.
I didn’t need to root for her.
I have never seen the movie. (I plan on tracking it down so my husband and I can view it this weekend) I only vaguely remember hearing about it when it was released.
I loved stepping out of the type of story I usually read. That is kinda the unstated rule of the book choices I am making for my book challenge this year of broadening my horizons and allowing myself to fully take in other times and cultures.
There were a few quotes that I enjoyed, but I especially liked this one as it made me giggle: “I can tolerate his company for about half an hour. After that I am not responsible for the things I say!”
I would recommend this.
It is adult subject matter.
I liked that this didn’t down talk to the audience.
I am loving the books I am reading this year!!!


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