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“Sweet and Deadly” by Charlaine Harris

 Hmmm. Okay then.

So, this was a short “little” read. For being Charlaine Harris’ first work, it isn’t bad…but I *did* notice that her bad writing habit of overusing the word “little” which has been a prevalent pet-peeve of mine with all of her works began here. Sigh. Moving on…

This was an odd sort of tale.

There were several extra added details and red herrings added in that I believe she eventually worked the kinks out of in her later writings.

I can truthfully type that I did not see the ending coming. I thought all along it was someone else that was a bit closer to Catherine, so that was a surprise.

The characterization wasn’t very in depth here and again I think that is something that writing-wise she got better at over time.

Solid overall, kept me reading at least, and no spelling/grammatical errors that I noticed thus bumping what would have been about a two-star up to a three in my humble opinion.

I was a bit confused time-line wise as to when her tale was to be taking place as the typewriter, dark room, and the general atmosphere “seemed” to date it older but then there was an independent woman, driving a car, shooting her gun in there too…which seems to push the Southern timeline up into a more recent decade at least. *shrug*

I wouldn’t say I would recommend this to all readers, but for fans of Ms. Harris, it was a fun romp and a nice peek at the beginnings of her published writing career.

Charlaine Harris is also the author of several popular novels including the: Aurora Teagarden, Harper Connely, Sookie Stackhouse, Midnight Texas, and Lily Bard series.

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