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Minimalism Series Part 1: Intro & Clothing

In 2015 I started my minimalism journey and I wanted to include some things about that quest to now two years later. When I first began I was inspired by the KonMarie method and so I followed her laid out plan to declutter.
I started with clothes as recommended, then went onto books (which I will post more about of course since this IS a book site afterall) and then moved onto miscellaneous stuff, then papers, then finishing out with sentimental stuff. This writing series will include six parts.
All and all it took me about 6 months to get the big purging done.
My husband and I have gone through two moves since then and used those opportunities to let go of more.
I saved some notes and writing during the initial purge and so I am meshing that all together with where I am now as far as minimalism and goal setting etc. for this series.
We shall see how it goes…
The best way to start is to begin. I took every single item out of my closet and set all of it on my bed. When I was done with my closet I emptied out the dresser too so ALL of my clothes were on my bed. I had a lot of clothes.

Immediately I went through and threw out anything that had holes, stains, etc. however I only had a few items that fit that category. Next I paired down to groups. Jeans with jeans, sweaters with sweaters, tops with tops to gauge how much of each category I had. Then I picked up each item individually and thought about why I had it.

Is it for work? Was it a gift? On sale? I decided what items I wanted to keep based on what made me feel good when I wear it. Why would I keep something if I didn’t actually WANT to wear it?  I donated a lot of clothes that just didn’t suite my style anymore or were too many of the same category and so never got worn. “No item should be held onto that doesn’t get worn much” I thought.

I didn’t divide by season, I went through ALL items for all seasons at once.

I did this in three “waves” with the work clothes first, the workout/pjs second and finished with the casual wear. I realized my personal style is mostly dresses when I am not at work and mostly dress pants and tanks when I am at work. My work-out clothes I narrowed to some for indoor yoga and some for outdoor walking/jogging/biking.

For me it wasn’t about getting down to a certain low number of items or trying to get rid of things I still like. Minimalism is about only keeping what you feel to be essential and not being surrounded by excess. For me that means clothes that work for both my job and home and surprisingly not many accessories.

As much as I enjoyed MAKING jewelry, I don’t really care to wear a lot of it or change it very much. I wound up with a pair of stud earrings and then finally let those go too because I don’t really care to wear earrings. Meh. As far as necklaces, I have three and my wedding band set I wear everyday. I also did keep a watch, but I don’t currently really wear it. I also kept a bracelet my Mom gave me, but I don’t wear that either and use it decoratively on our bookcase.

I went through and sorted my personal jewelry, shoes, and handbags all as part of my ‘wardrobe” because these are all things that were in my closet or dresser anyway so why not? It is part of what I wear after-all.

I have three handbags. One which is my main one for work and two for weekends. I really like black as it tends to match the rest of my wardrobe. They work well for me.

As far as shoes, I have a pair of winter boots, sandals, and sneakers along with my three that I alternate with for work. Six total.

I cleaned off and sorted out some of the items from the top of my dresser, which is also my nightstand, and it has stayed clean and tidy ever since. I only keep a coaster (for water at night), a lamp, and a phone charger there. Occasionally a book will make it’s way there too.

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