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Minimalism Series Part 5: My 100ish Things

This list here might seem like a lot to some or not much to others, but for me for right now it is just the right amount.

Every item I currently have sparks joy and makes me happy to have it. I may purge out more in the future when/if a piece no longer suits me or whatever, but it feels a lot nicer to open my dresser or my closet, to walk into a room and see items that I enjoy/make use of.

Now, I made this list from memory and on a lark. I was intrigued by the idea of people counting their items. As I have stated multiple times for me it was never about a certain number to reach, but for a general feeling of yep, this feels right.

Things may need to be replaced or just not useful and happily let go of; life is constantly changing and not stagnant after all.

I am married and my hubby and I of course are equal in our shared stuff. I included mostly things that were personally purchased & used by me and didn’t include shared stuff cause hey I’m the blogger here so I can make the rules. 🙂

Thus I don’t include stuff like our couch, shared kitchen stuffs, items for our fur-baby, you get the idea.

This post is the last in my 5 part series on minimalism. I hope that you gain some value from having read this series and let me know all about YOUR journey into minimalism too! I would love to hear from you! <3

So, for those curious, here is my list of items that I personally own/lay claim to:

1. Glasses (daily) and back up glasses x2

2. Artwork pieces

3. Glasses Case x2 (Alice in Wonderland & Coach)

4. Wedding Band/Ring(s) (daily)

5. Black boots (daily Fall/Winter)

6. Black Flats (daily Spring/Summer)

7. Beige Flats
8. Sneakers (Outdoor stuff)
9. Winter Boots (Waterproof)
10. Flip-flops


11. “Hakuna Matata” necklace (Made by a friend)

12. Typewriter pendant

13. Black hills gold hearts

14. Black Watch

15. “Keep Calm & Read On” bracelet (From Mom, can’t wear, too big, pretty and makes me smile regardless)

16. Decorative Teacup/Jewelry holder

17. Fleeces (Grouping: “LPT” Columbia, Red/Black Checked, Red/Black Checked)

18. Fireproof safe (for really important paperwork)

19. Bicycle et all (Grouping: helmet, riding gloves, reflectors etc)

20. Dresses (Grouping: Sweater Dress-Grey,  Spring Floral, Brown w/polka dots)

21. Black Comfy reading chair w/personalized pillow on it

22. Black Ottoman (which doubles to hold all important paperwork)

23. Cell Phone + Case

24. Cell Phone & Kindle Charger

25. Kindle + Case

26. Tablet (w/case)

27. Tower Computer

28. Typewriter Mouse pad/Black under mouse pad wrist rest (gift)

29. Nikon D40x Camera et all (bag, accessories, cords for)

30. Alice in Wonderland Tarot set and Namaste box/case

31. Eiffle Tower gold scissors

32. Pink and black polka dot post-its

33. Pen(s) (Grouping)

34. Paper Clips/Tape (Grouping)

35. Hair Dryer +Hair Brush + Hair ties (Grouping)

36. Card Holder (Gift from hubby)

37. Cards (Grouping: Drivers, Library, Bank etc)

38. Bubba mug (daily for work)

39. Small gifts from hubby (“Treasure chest” doodled on container, hand-sewn with a rose felt holder, drawings etc.)

40. Socks (Grouping)

41. Underwear (Grouping)

42. Bras (Grouping, all underwire free)

43. Writing Desk

44. Folding Chair/Back Support thing for chair

45. Umbrellas (Grouping: Collapsible “Stamp” one for car, Multi-colored hearts one for purse, red/black non-collapsible)

46. Black book case-main

47. Black book case-small

48. Seward travel trunk

49. Lamp w/lamp shade

50. Himalayan Salt Lamps (Grouping)

52. Fox lunch bag/tote

52. Purse (Work)

53. Winter Black “Guess” leather coat w/faux fur

54. Navy Blue pea coat Spring/Fall 

55. Green “ski” winter jacket (gift from sister)

56. Gift Wrap rolls (silver w/polka dots, floral)

57. Gift Bags/tissue/bubble wrap/holder (grouping)

58. Board Games (Grouping: 3 Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk)

59. Make up Case (Pink with Black Polka dots from Mom)

60. Make Up (Grouping; which I only have maybe 15 items total including brushes, mostly E.L.F. products)

61. Flower crown headband (From Ren Faire)

62. Daily care stuffs (Grouping: Like Face Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, etc)

63. Towels (Grouping: 3 big and 2 washcloth)

64. Thin notebook(s) (Grouping-Floral, lines, and “moleskin”)

65. Photo albums, Frame set for our wall, + photos (Grouping: 3-black main, fox/friends, wedding)

66. “Monster” backpack

67.  Weekend bag(s) (Grouping: “Guitar” purse and black “frill” cross-body bag)

68. Work Out Clothes (Grouping)

69. Yoga Mat

70. Handheld Weight Set-8 lbs

71. Handheld Weight Set-15 lbs

72. Writing/Pen Pal Supplies-paper, cards, stamps etc. (Grouping)

73. Address book (personalized gift from friend)

74. Essential Oils (Grouping)

75. Bath Salts/Epsom (Grouping)

76. Nail Kit (Grouping)

77. First Aid Kit (Grouping)

78. Medications (daily and emergency) (grouping)

79. Buddha slide top holder-silver

80. Buddha bank (gift from friend)

81. Buddha statue (on main bookcase)

82. Mini night lamp on bedside/dresser top

83. Bedside 3 drawer dresser

84. Cloth Bag(s) (Grouping: Zip “Neverland”, polka dot one for library books, beige, ones for groceries)

85. Holiday decorations (Grouping: including our “Santa” hats, Charlie Brown mini tree)

86. Mini Owl trunk

87. Caboodles pink with black lace case for glasses/eye care stuffs

88. Stuffed animals x2 (“Mr. Chess” Cheshire cat and “Icicle” Penguin)

89. Bed et all (Grouping: Sheets, Mattress, pillow, etc.)

90. Xbox One et all (Grouping: controller, wires, headset etc)

91. Headphones w/mic (use with phone)

92. Decorative baskets for bookcase (Grouping)

93. “Majesty” zip holder (Grouping: for chapstick, hand lotion, medications)

94. Bookmarks (Grouping: HP Hermione quote one, Hocus Pocus one, and For “Fox Sake” one)

95. Work Clothes (Grouping)

96. Casual Clothes (Grouping)

97. PJs (Grouping)

98. Battery charge pack-portable (pink) (gift from hubby)

99. Hats + Gloves (Winter Cheshire cat, baseball grey, baseball red w/logo, gloves, etc.)

100. Books (Grouping) (29 of them,  30 as of October. See my post about the books I own for the titles/authors list.)

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