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Bookstore Series: Part 1: Avol’s Books: A Room Of One’s Own

The very first step you take into this store you are met with greeting cards to the left, the checkout area right in front of you, and the humor and journals to the right. The Y/A and childrens books are sectioned off behind the greeting cards, there are book posters up on the top part of the stacks, magnets and small dolls and candles scattered about for sale are a charming way to include these items in an unobtrusive way. There is a section of clearance books, small batch copies, graphic novels, an LGBT section, Business books, a reference/help desk, coloring books….and that is just the first few sections!

The store extends even further back and you are met with the Sci-fi, fantasy, Non-Fiction, and History books. The store has a small feel when you first step in, but it keeps going expanding out to be a huge store.

The architecture is full of curved partition areas and everything is marked clearly so you know what section you are in. There are books on local Wisconsin areas, Nature, Biographies…pretty much you name it, they seem to have it! They offer both new and used books all mingling together on the shelves. Everything is very well lit and I even spotted a sign with a sort of “mission statement” of theirs saying that they will not censor any books and they include for sale a well diverse and broad selection for their readers.

The entire store feels very charming and they have author events and showcase staff picks throughout the store as well. They will purchase gently used books from noon to 6pm, Mon-Sat. They do not buy Romance novels, Westerns, Reader’s Digest books, magazines or journals. If you have any questions or would like to talk to the used book buyer, you can call 608-255-4730 and ask for Ron. If Ron is not available, sellers can always bring the books they wish to sell at the buying counter along with their contact info (name, phone, e-mail)


This book store is for sale! An already established business is easier to get a small business loan for; however the price tends to be higher because of this ease. I looked into the banking side of things and found that most (not all) banks like to see the loanee put in 20-30% of his/her own money and/or collateral into the business as a sort of safe guard that they won’t just let the business tank. So, if you would like to own/operate your own book store, this may be an option for you! If interested, contact Paz & Associates at (904) 277-2664 or email: Mkaufman@PazBookBiz.com

Avol’s Books: A Room Of One’s Own is located at:

315 W. Gorham St.

Madison, Wi. 53703

Phone: (608)257-7888

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-8 | Sun: 12-5

Websites: http://avolsbooks.com


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