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“The Great Granny Cake Contest!” by: Tracey Corderoy; Illustrator: Joe Berger

To say this was a delightful read would not be doing it justice. From the very first page, the magic and mayhem that Pandora and her Grandmother get into makes you keep flipping the pages to see what schemes occur next!

A cat named Cobweb, a magical Mom that doesn’t use her magic named Moonbeam, and a Dad that doesn’t have magic, the characters in this adorable read seem to come alive.

This is a compilation of a few of the tales all together in a hardcover edition. The main story is the TV bake show, but there are also short stories about the school pet, gardening, etc.

When Pandora goes on TV with her Grandmother to bake without magic against other (whisper it) witches and their helpers she realizes that there is some magic going on and a food fight breaks out.

This read will definitely appeal to young readers. It is funny, the pacing is great, and the energy practically leaps off the page!

Partly reminiscent of adventures in the Miss Pigglewiggle series (1947-2007), I felt like this modernized witchy tale had a lot of appeal…one could say this series is sure to continue being magical!


Quick Facts:

Format: Hardcover

Genre: Childrens Fiction

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Expected Publication Date: June 13th, 2017




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