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“Wonder Woman” Movie Review

This is the first, in what will not be the only, movie review I will share here. (*que song) “It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to”.

I am not going to get into the plot as this movie JUST CAME OUT but I will let you know my thoughts.


This is the movie I feel like I have been waiting my entire life for.

I do not say this lightly.

I grew up in the Buffy era. Buffy was the strong, empowered, female heroine to look up to. Buffy was (and will always be) my favorite show. Wonder Woman just became my favorite movie.

Let’s get into why.

First off, for those not familiar with Wonder Woman as a character, her name is Diana, and she is an Amazon. Yes, from Greek mythology: “Strong as an Amazon”. (Not the online company.)

I love Greek mythology. I loved that the mythology of Diana was explained and that world felt well brought out.

There is a modern take that then lends itself to a flashback which ties back up at the end. Many stories do this.

The women at the very beginning when Diana recalls being a child? They are awe-inspiring. Their unwavering strength, their will to fight for what they believe to be right, their commitment to protect. The movie draws you in from the beginning. Then we see Diana grow up. We realize that SHE displays all of these qualities, yet she wants to move beyond her own and protect others.

Again, without spoiling, the hero journey is touched on. Anyone familiar with this ideology knows that the hero must go through certain stages before they can stand on their own. Diana does this.

The epic score made the previous DC release of “Suicide Squad” look like a child playing with their boombox versus this well-rounded and well-scored film.

I am by no means putting down Suicide Squad as a whole as I did enjoy it when I saw it, but seeing Wonder Woman really opened my eyes to all that was wrong with that movie. What did not work, was flawlessly redeemed with Wonder Woman. I would be highly surprised if this doesn’t do extremely well, not only in the box office, but also in other movie-goer reviews.

Diana as a character felt fully developed and Gal Gadot held her own without emasculating the males around her. This was pivotal to me as a woman to see this portrayed in a film. I was racking my brain trying to think of previous movies I have seen with a female lead and I can not recall any other movie that so prominently featured such a strong woman. If you have seen any movies that you think compare in this aspect let me know. I don’t watch a lot of movies in general, but I feel like I would have at least heard of this aspect being so strong in a movie before.

I felt unbelievably inspired.

WARNING: Small spoilers follow:

There is a scene toward the final climax of the movie in which Diana stops her own sword from being used against her by stopping it with her own hands. The Buffy fangirl in me had to curb the urge to squeal as any Buffy fan knows that this very iconic scene happened between Buffy and Angelus in the Season Two finale: “Becoming, Part 2.”

Wonder Woman is unapologetic about going where others think she shouldn’t be. There is a scene with Chris Pine’s character, Steve, in which he tries to silence her in front of other men and she just keeps talking. He tries to talk over her. She doesn’t let him. She keeps the same tone as he does and this literal matching of the sexes is atypical of what we are shown as a society overall. Women are usually shown to cast their eyes down and become silent. Diana shows us that we are and can be equal. As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t simply portray Diana as a one-note warrior.

The emotional pathos in the movie is so on point. Diana is a woman. She is shown to be feminine. She has feelings, emotions, a nurturing quality. She is not portrayed weak for this, no, she is shown to be strong because of these qualities.

We all need more movies like this.

Of note: This is a DC movie that DOES NOT feature a post-credit scene. I think we all had gotten a bit spoiled on these and many fellow movie-goers were as surprised as my husband and I were at the lack of one.

Quick Facts:

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Running Time: 2 Hours, 21 Minutes

Bonus Note: There is an origin novel releasing in August, written by Leigh Bardugo (The Six of Crows Duology, Grisha Trilogy), called “Wonder Woman: Warbringer” that I can’t wait to read/review. Keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time, check out this movie. You will be glad that you did.

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