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“Hook’s Tale” by: John Leonard Pielmeier

I am a sucker for any type of modern retelling of a well-loved story.

The writing style was interesting and the story pace was decent, however I felt it was a bit more telling instead of showing. Let me elaborate. There was a lot of “but I’ll get to that later” which felt a bit like filler to me. If we aren’t getting to that until later perhaps find a way to show how it is relevant at the moment instead of just saying it.

The story itself is told from Hook/Cooks perspective.

The re-imagining of Pan as villain was not new to me as I have seen that twist happen before, but the questionableness of if Tink even existed was new and intriguing. I also liked the way Tiger Lily was retold and I LOVED the crocodile role in this.

The father aspect was a nice addition and the Darling children and their role(s) I felt was a fresh take.

Overall, this was a quick and enjoyable read. The minor kinks would do well to be ironed out, but as a whole this was well worth it. It had adventure and the story kept me “hooked” (Oh that pun! I couldn’t help myself!) until the brilliant conclusion.

Quick Facts:

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 288

Publisher: Scribner

Genre: General Fiction (adult)

Expected Publication Date: July 18, 2017

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