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Why I Won’t Ever Have Ads Here

Think about how annoying it is to try to go to a website to read an article and you are bomb-barded with ads, pop-ups, and questions that are nothing but click-bait.

I feel they are a waste of time more often than not, I will not finish checking into a site if they include these types of ads, instead opting to click away to maintain sanity.

Flash ads or moving ads on a site I also find very distracting.

I do not write to try to get a lot of clicks and likes. That’s not my intention.

Web growth is important yes, but my purpose and drive comes from the fact that I enjoy writing and blogging to share my thoughts with anyone who would like to read them. I appreciate the viewers I have.

It is not about quantity to me, but about the quality of my readers.

You as a reader spend time reading posts. You are putting in your own personal time to check out new book recommendations, etc. You shouldn’t be forced into a stressful experience in doing so. Our world is already loud and bright enough as it is.

I made sure in collaborating with my husband to craft a pleasing and easy on the eyes website. One that was highly user friendly that I would like to visit myself as a viewer.  Creating an aesthetically pleasing blog was an important priority for me from the start. The look and design was important because you could have the best content in the world, but if too many (or any for me) pop-ups keep happening how many people will ever get to read the important stuff?

I put effort into writing posts and sharing with everyone because I love to write. I love books and sharing my thoughts with others. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Even though when I am sent an eCopy to review and then post about, that is a type of advertisement, I would never feature any books I didn’t feel were worthy of being included. I won’t ever compromise my integrity as an honest reviewer.

We have all heard the adage of: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

I don’t like ads and so I won’t EVER feature them on my website.

Eventually ads will be featured on my You-tube channel, but I will NEVER feature them on my site because my dear readers, I would like you to find sanctuary and a relaxing experience any time you visit my blog.

The two different media outlets have different feels to them.

My website I want to have a relaxed atmosphere and pace. My vlog on You-tube has more kinetic energy and so ads I feel will be fine there, but not here. One needs more focus to spend time on a blog reading posts versus watching videos on You-tube. It is a different atmosphere I am creating.

So, hakuna matata my friends.

I hope you enjoy your time here and I want you to continue to enjoy your time for years to come.

I am happy you stopped by and remember reading can brighten up any day!

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