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Genre Overload

The past few months for me, and I’m not sure why exactly, but I have been on an extreme YA kick. I was starting to navigate more toward Non-Fiction and then Mystery novels toward the end of last year. Fantasy was what spoke to me toward the beginning of this year. Then I was on a Memoir kick.

My favorite genres tend to go in waves.

That’s why I love that I don’t own a lot of books. I feel less guilt and have more flexibility to read what speaks to me at the time of browsing. (Usually the library, but also what I request for review as well.) That way I can read what is calling to me at that moment in time.

Now I have noticed that the past few months I have been on a YA binge.

I feel like my YA binge is starting to run its course now and am feeling more of a pull toward other genres again.

I always will have other genres interspersed here and there when I get into these patterns. Like I will have a Middle Grade read tossed in among my YA reads or a modern Non-Fiction in with the Classics.

As far as what I like, it is always changing and evolving. I am thankful that I am able to have access to so many different types of novels.

Do you ever get into a specific genre kick? If so, do you read other genres when you do as well? Do you find yourself circling back to a certain genre a lot?

If not, do you always read the same genre regardless? Or going the polar opposite way, do you read a pretty consistent span all the time?

Let me know YOUR thoughts, I would love to discuss!

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