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Road Trip to Missouri!

Hubby and I decided to take a three day road trip to Missouri so we could see the eclipse in 100% totality clearly.

We filled up our gas tank and drove down on Saturday, listening to music and a couple podcasts. After another gas station stop (fuel both for us and our car), we made the rest of the drive and got checked into our hotel.

Beyond the main reason for our trip-the eclipse-we got to Missouri with no idea of what all we wanted to do before Monday; we just wanted to be spontaneous. We ordered a pizza from Imo’s and it was delicious. Apparently St Louis is the only place that you can get this certain mix of cheeses. It is exclusive to the area. Pretty nifty!

After relaxing in the hotel pool and showering off, we grabbed some flyers from the hotel that sounded promising, browsed, and made a rough idea/plan on our destinations for the next morning.

I made sure to bring along Icicle, my stuffed penguin, for the trip.

Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to the St Louis Art Museum. The Art was lovely and the installations on the modern pieces were interesting as well.

One piece that drew my eye was this cat (My hubby says I have a secret obsession with cats. He’s not wrong. I am allergic though, so…).

My absolute favorite out of all of the works, and it was hard to choose, was this stunning masterpiece here (I could have been a bit biased since we were there for a celestial event afterall).

There was an outdoor area at the museum that featured these red balance chairs that you could get into and swirl around in. They were a lot of fun and the video we each captured of us on them I think turned out really funny!

We next made our way to Schlafly Brewery for a free tour and beer sampling.

After we selected a few beers to bring homewards, we went to check out the stunning St Louis Public Library. The architecture and quotes were exquisite.


We stopped at Jack in the Box (our first visit ever) and were a bit underwhelmed. At least we got to try it.

Our last big stop of Saturday was the St Louis Zoo. We got to view insects of all kinds, bees, and some serious creepy crawlies…leading into a magical butterfly room. We had never been in a butterfly room before and it was incredible.

My favorite by far were the penguins. I LOVE penguins. (Obviously, if you couldn’t tell by my bringing Icicle along on our trip. I also like owls a lot too, but penguins will always hold a special place in my heart.) When I found out they had penguins, I may or may not have squealed in glee, as we asked for directions to them. We saw the smaller ones out front and then were led into an ice cold area (which felt great with the Missouri heat).

I absolutely bonded with one penguin in particular!

We made a few penguin toy souvenir purchases as gifts for the itty bitties of our friends’ lives and I selected a very sophisticated penguin necklace for myself.

We then made a quick stop to the newly opened-in-the-area Half Price Books. Hubby and I each got a few books and headed back to our hotel just in time for the newest episode of Game of Thrones. We finished off the last  of our pizza as we watched. I will admit, I cried when the dragon died. I love those dragons.

Sunday we got up, ate, and got ready to find where we would be viewing the eclipse. We decided on Union Park and gathered up our things for check-out. We brought some non perishables and had a mini picnic as we spent the mid morning into afternoon reading, eating, and relaxing.

The eclipse happened and it was 100% worthwhile!

We gathered our things up from under the tree we had camped out the day under and headed out soon afterwards. Our last stop before heading back homeward was to a sit down restaurant called “The Pasta House”. We each ordered Coca-Cola since it was so hot, a salad, and an entree. Rolls were brought out to us and we enjoyed what we thought would be the last meal of our Missouri 2017 road trip.

Traffic to get back was slow and backed up even on the country/scenic route we were taking.

We made a few gas station stops and talked most of the way back. Subway ended up being our last food stop along the way.

This trip was our favorite road trip so far, our unplanned adventures were I feel much better than had we tried to plan ahead of time, and I’m glad we got to experience the solar eclipse in person!

Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for the video compilation of our trip which features a whole lot more!

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