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“13 Minutes” by Sarah Pinborough

I was confused at first as to why this one was a Netgalley read when it says it doesn’t release until October but that there were so many reviews already on here. It looks like it has been changed a bit and is being re-released. It was first published February 18th, 2016 and from what I can gather Netflix is making it into an original movie.

This was interesting to me because it made me really think about my own school experience. The petty jealousy, the group in-fighting, the betrayal, stupid rumors, etc.

It also really reminded me of an even darker version of Pretty Little Liars mixed in with the “friends turn on you and betray you” element of shows like Gossip Girl.

I liked that the “popular blonde” stereotype was used here, but that the blonde dyed her hair to make it that way. Too often in these types of YA books, we see the natural blonde being the queen bee, so that was a nice shift.

I can’t say I didn’t see the “shock” moments coming, because I did, but I think that’s because I read this from a writer perspective more than as a passive reader. Like, that’s what I myself would have had happen as a plot twist etc.

I LOVED that none of the characters were especially ones to root for. They were all petty, bitchy, and immature. Like they should be. They are teens, they have yet to mature.

The ending that everyone seems so wild about? I have read work by Pinborough before and she does like her paranormal elements, however, I feel like in this she was just trying to show that Tasha was gone from a psychological perspective. She had lost her mind and was coming unraveled prior to her “call back” moment. That’s just how I interpreted it without giving too much away.

I enjoyed that not everything was tied up neat and pretty, more leaving the reader with their thoughts on what probably happened next.

This one kept me interested and I am surprised it is marked to teens and YA over like a suspense novel. Just because the characters are IN high school, doesn’t automatically make the story YA. *shrug*

Reading this made me realize I definitely am glad that I was a teen before social media was such a big thing(!)

This took me three days to get through as I was doing other things, but I was thinking it over and wondering what would happen when I could get back to it. I adore novels that make me feel that way. So enticing and thought-provoking I just want to know what happens next.

I am excited to see how Netflix interprets this into a movie.

Quick Facts:

Page Count: 320

Genre: Teen & YA

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Expected Publication Date: October 3, 2017

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