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Through The Senses

Use no abstraction, no generalization, no summary, no analysis, no interpretation. Force yourself to write moment to moment through the senses only. Don’t hassle your style, don’t agonize over the right word; just keep the flow of it through the senses-flowing, flowing, flowing. Don’t think, don’t think. Senses, senses, senses.

Stage One: Okay, so I awake and notice that stuff is moved around from how it was when I fell asleep. Anxiousness happens.

Stage Two: Specific object causing anxiety is a beer bottle sitting on the floor. Reach out to pick it up. Chilly and long since forgotten, it is cold like a cast off piece of clothing after returning from a winter scene outside. Like ice skating or something like that.

Stage Three: Bottle evokes a memory snippet. Let’s say related to the ice skating or outdoor experience. Okay, let’s settle on the ice skating. Bottle evokes a memory of skating outside with husband when we were first dating and how much I wanted to marry him. Spend our life together. Expounding on that feeling and heightened sensory images and emotions around that time.

Stage Four: The bottle evoking the ice skating memory leading to the wanting to be married memory links in to the feeling of taking off the skates as we sat down side by side and the curve of the bottle reminds me of the curve of the skate and how we had chatted about everything and nothing as we sat side by side on the bench. Being around him regardless of everything else felt so right in that moment that it makes me smile in the here and now. I blink and look down at the bottle in my hands. I am stunned to realize that I had been lost in this reverie.

Stage Five: I let myself fall back into that memory again for a moment as I realize that he must have been planning the proposal around that time since he proposed a month or so later. I smile widely and openly at this connection.

Stage Six: I run my fingers across the bottle I am holding and walk over to dump the last few drops of alcohol into the sink.

Stage Seven:  I turn the faucet on and let the water rinse down the liquid. I take the bottle and place it into the rubbish bin. I hear my husband walking out to greet me, sleepy eyed and messy hair, he smiles hello. I walk around the kitchen island separating us and envelope him in a cuddle hug. I feel him melt into my hug and wrap his arms around me too. Warm cuddle hug. Happy marriage.

Personal Notes:


Page 6 Inspiration.

The Writing Exercise: Through The Senses

This is not you. This is not autobiography.

Well, this writing session began with me falling asleep last night at 7 pm and sleeping on through 5 am this morning! A full ten hours of rest and I didn’t even realize I needed it, but man did I feel alive when I woke up! After taking care of Dexter (our dog) and making some quick breakfast and tea, I caught up with my hubby who was still awake. He fell asleep about an hour later and so I sat down to write this morning at 6 am, renewed, refreshed, and ready to begin my day the proper way!

Instructions on this were to do each stage separately, react to the prompts, and write from the first person perspective of a character that is similar to you but isn’t actually you.

My husband and I did go ice skating once, but it was after we were already married and he did propose to me in the winter time so those were similar experiences. I wouldn’t personally get lost in a memory like that and I don’t live in the past, so it was a small writing challenge for me to write a character that does. It was interesting to connect these prompts by writing and then to move onto the next step, connecting bits of free writing like that though!

Hello September! I am doing my own self-imposed writing challenge this month using the Now Write book series to do so. I will NOT be posting every single day.  Maybe just a few here or there that I especially like for whatever reason. Enjoy!

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