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Lack of Integrity in the Book Industry?

I wanted to show you all the truth on the lack of integrity sometimes in the book industry. Open your eyes to the fact that not all publishers/authors are legit. Some are shady and want to pay for “tailored” reviews. Any book blogger that says they have never been asked to be biased in a review (never?!) is either lying, hasn’t been approached for reviews often, or is very lucky.

I was approached by a woman on the website Upwork. Upwork is a freelance gig site where you can either ask to work on a proposed project or be asked to work on a proposed project by the creator. I was asked to review a book for a woman and I responded back asking her what the book was about and for a bit more information.

When I received her reply back, my initial response was extreme anger.

I thought, “Who the hell does this lady think she is trying to tell me to read and post my review the next day (unreasonable!) but more importantly telling me basically what she wants me to write?!”

I refused to work with this woman. This lady wanted to sponsor me to review a book for her. I am not allergic to money, but if I am going to be sponsored you better believe that I am going to:

a) Disclose that up front right away before my review. (I have so far not been sponsored on anything I have posted on my site. Being sponsored is actual money given for a review. I have been sent free e-books for honest reviews but not paid money to review them.)

b) Not be biased in my review. Ever.

There was a time in my life where I would have responded with a decline, not posted anything about it after or blurred out her name if I did. Except you know what? This woman *deserves* to be called out because this is an example of corruption and lack of integrity that SHOULD BE avoided by anyone out there that wants authenticity.

I decided to post about this because I feel like people should not be deceived. I believe that people deserve to be reading HONEST feedback when they check sources like Goodreads and/or Amazon. It makes me angry to think that people think it is okay to pay for “tailored” reviews like this. It’s not right. It shouldn’t be allowed to continue. (Don’t even get me started on my thoughts on selling ARCs!)

I guarantee you this my dear readers:

I will NEVER feature content on my site that is not 100% authentic and my HONEST opinion.

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