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Hello sweet friends!

As some of you may recall, I used to write under the handle of SunshineGoddess87 and my old site used to be Sunshinerisingbooks.net.

That has changed as I have too. Now, I will be writing under SweetheartSeer and my new site, you clever readers, is Sweetheartseerbooks.com.

There are multiple reasons for this:

1.) Sweetheart Seer as a name comes from my favorite books series. “The Diviners” series by Libba Bray. Evie O’neil is a radio personality that in book two, “Lair of Dreams” goes by “The Sweetheart Seer”. This is a sort og nod to that series with love.
2.) I used Sweetheart Seer as a handle when I used to do Youtube for awhile after I had ended my old channel.
3.) I really felt drawn to the name and the aesthetic in my mind when I thought about rebranding to something new to reflect that I have changed as a blogger in the meantime. Orange and yellow didn’t feel right to me anymore and blue and purple did. I felt that they more align with this name change.
4.) SweetheartSeer is my video game gamertag.
5.) I felt like it. 😀

I will be sharing some life updates, new writings, and of course I will still be doing book reviews!

In addition to all the new posts coming, I will be writing updated versions of previous writings to show how things have changed and rearranged since my last posts on here. (Mostly the minimalism series and how things have evolved.)

You may notice that the Bookshelf tab has changed around and you will find many more book reviews have been added. That is because I have a different Goodreads account which I kept adding reviews into during my blog hiatus. I did still need some sort of writing outlet afterall. I have included them as blog posts here for your perusal.

I also have a different Twitter as well.

A lot of the posts made their way back, however some of them are a wee bit different then what there were before. Some converted over with some odd formatting issues which am working on fixing and a few cut out some or almost all of the review! I am still debating what to do about those and will be updating you beautiful readers later on as I go.

There are also some coloration changes coming to the tabs and clickables as well as a few odds and ends bugs that I and my amazing at coding husband will be working on in the coming days. A lot of it is the behind the scenes aspects that need some changing around and fiddling with.

That is all for now my lovelies, but keep an eye out for a TON of new and update posts headed your way!

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