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“You Deserve It” by: Josh Wagner

I have been on a nonfiction, better ones-self kick lately when it comes to reading. When I was able to aquire the e-arc from Netgalley on this one I was very excited to jump straight in!

There were some very good takeaways here. Especially worth reading for anyone struggling with a sense of not deserving good things in their lives…and who doesn’t have that thought?

Sometimes we all struggle to believe that we are worthy of the good. Other people tell us we don’t deserve something or arent we lucky when really we worked our butts off to get to where we are…and then we start to question…do I really deserve this? Am I worthy of this?

Or we are struggling in an area of our lives thinking that we couldn’t possibly have it all…but what if it was as simple as retraining our brain and flipping a switch to say that yes, we *do* deserve good things. We are indeed worthy.

I enjoyed the way in which this book was written. The author invites you to try to trace back the origin of these thoughts and behavior. He encourages you to forgive. He encourages you period.

I was overjoyed on the section toward the end where the author included a shout out to Marie Kondo and how her book can also help with this area and how…

I would recommend this one for anyone who has faced- or may be currently facing- impostor syndrome. It is worth reading not only to help reflect but also to help motivate and show you the areas you are struggling, how to uncover their origin, but most importantly how to switch your mindset…and it is simultaneously both easier and harder than you would think!

Goodreads Synopsis:

Do you ever look around at friends, family, colleagues, or the people you grew up with and wonder why their lives appear to be more successful than yours? Do you find yourself feeling at times you don’t quite measure up, while others seem to be so happy and in control? And no matter how many self-help books or therapists you try, you’re still not getting the positive results you want in life .. Until now.

In his groundbreaking book, YOU DESERVE IT, renowned international speaker and mindset coach Dr. Josh Wagner reveals an incredibly simple new pathway to fulfillment.

His pioneering work demonstrates how unconscious undeserving beliefs are the obstacle standing in the way of your goals, happiness and peace of mind.Here, Dr. Wagner leads you through his revolutionary 3-step Deserving Process, combining clear explanations, doable action steps and practical exercises to move you through life’s toughest challenges to achieving your biggest dreams. He offers real-life accounts of people who have transformed their lives by shifting their ingrained deserving beliefs, and he wants you to have this too.

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