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“Reveal Me” (Shatter Me #5.5) by: Tahereh Mafi

Yes! Kenji POV!!! YAY!!! ♡

I preordered this the *day* that I heard about it and was able to. I knew the release was coming up and then bam! It comes in!!

Read in one sitting.

Engrossing, entertaining, and incredible…this pulled me right from the start and didn’t let go. Kenji is one of my favorites and I adored that this was from his pov. And not just his regular pov…but a really batshit, out of his mind, emotionally all over the place and just
crazy intense Kenji. (What can I say? I still love me some crazy characters.)

I am so beyond happy I was able to get a Shatter Me series fix before the last novel comes out now next year.

I relate to Kenji so much because yeah, he is usually the funny guy and the light-hearted one and that is a weird role to have in a group that won’t allow you to express other types of emotions. Being nicknamed Sunshine, I get where he is coming from in that regard. It is hard to be able to find a friend that doesn’t box you into your “role” and it was nice to, even briefly, hear Kenji touch on that and get to talk to J.

I don’t necessarily know that I ship Nazeera and Kenji together in a relationship, cause she is a bit of a wildcard and I think that Kenji deserves better. He was brutal to her here, but um…she deserved it. She hasn’t exactly been kind to him. Just saying.

Anyways, I very highly recommend!

Goodreads Synopsis:

This fourth companion novella to Tahereh Mafi’s New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series is narrated by fan favorite character Kenji Kishimoto!

The explosive revelations in Defy Me have left readers reeling and desperate for answers. This fourth and final novella in the series will bring readers back to the world of the Shatter Me before the final novel installment hits shelves in winter 2020.

And don’t miss Find Me, the gorgeous paperback bind-up that brings together Shadow Me and Reveal Me in print for the first time!

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