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2019 Book Stats

For 2019 I set my goal for 150 books. I hit that goal of 150 books.

Before the end of the year, there is one more readathon that I am taking part in which (to me at least) will just be “bonus” books read. The books I am planning on reading for that will be part of my Winter Magical Readathon Wrap up at the end of the year-so stay tuned. 😉

Anyways, for the 2019 book stats:

My shortest book was 1 page (Obadiah-a book of the bible of course) and my longest read was 806 pages (the anthology “Rogues”).

I read 29,701 pages total. Which tells me that overall I chose to read shorter books this year than previous years. Mostly probably because I chose to read the Old Testament as my reading challenge for the year and several of the books were very short.

Break down on Star Ratings:

This is going off of Goodreads and their sad lack of a half star option, so all of these that were half rated were pushed or pulled down depending. (Most were pulled up.)

1 star – 1
2 star -10
3 star -22
4 star -60
5 star -57

This tells me that for the most part, I am pretty good at picking books to read that I think I will like/enjoy.

My average star rating for all books read this year was 4.1 stars.

Publication dates breakdown:

Books read as ARCS: 27
Books read that were published in 2019: 13
Books from earlier than 2019: 110

Overall I think that is pretty decent. I read a fair amount of books that weren’t published yet along with ones from 2019. 34 of the 110 published earlier than 2019 were from the bible. Taking those out would put my count at 66 books read that were published prior to 2019.

Genre breakdown
Bible: 34 (I read Matthew from the New Testament too)
YA: 25
Novella: 3
Middle Grade: 7
Anthology: 4
Fiction: 17
Romance: 3
Horror: 1
Poetry: 1
NonFiction: 34
Graphic Novels/Manga: 21

New to me or reread breakdown:

Books that I reread: 11
Books that I read for the first time: 139

Format breakdown:
Which include bought, read in scribd, on kindle, or checked out from library.

Audiobook: 81
Ebook: 63 (27 of which were ARCs)
Physical: 6

Breakdown in pictures of all books read in 2019:

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